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Wooferendum March: dogs peeing compilation and other “tails”

By October 7, 2018October 30th, 2018No Comments

Hundreds dogs and people joined the Wooferendum March on Sunday 7th October, starting in Waterloo Place and marching on Parliament to protest against Brexit and ask for a “wooferendum”. We joined the march and bring you some photos and “tails” from the event.

The Wooferendum March

Small dog and staffie looking up with Wooferendum sign

At the gathering in Waterloo Place it was all about dogs in European flag bow ties, coats, flags, signs, cardboards, not to say about all the stickers appearing on dog’s bottoms about “bollocks to Brexit”, rosettes and more.

The Wooferendum’s organisers had also arranged a number of “pee stations”, with photos of pro-Brexit politicians such as Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, which proved to be terribly popular among male dogs. So much that at Waterloo Place at some point there was (literally) a dog peeing procession (which Argo joined queueing multiple times) on a photo of Nigel Farage on a post. A little dog even decided to poo (yes, poo! and no, this was not staged) at another pee station before starting the march. Even when you didn’t see it, you could tell when a dog did their business on one or the other politician’s photo from the roar and laughs rising from the crowd. Without any further ado, here you are our Wooferendum dog peeing compilation in photos (further below, other “tails” in pictures too).

Wooferendum dogs peeing at pee stations compilation

Dogs queue at the pee station at the Wooferendum march

Corgi dog pees on photo of Nigel Farage

Small dog dressed with European flag pees on photo of Nigel Farage at the Wooferendum march

Dog pee station at the Wooferendum march

Dog poo under photo of Farage at Wooferendum

Dog poo at pee station

Dog culprit poos at peeing station on photo of Nigel Farage at the Wooferendum march

Argo the dog pees at pee station

Collie at dog peeing station

Other dog “tails” from the Wooferendum march

Large and small furry campaigners made their way through the roads of London to march to Parliament. The full album will be on our Facebook page shortly. In the meantime, some “tails” we loved.

Lady dressed up as dog to protest against Brexit at Wooferendum march

Wooferendum sign and two large dogs at the Wooferendum March in London

Two women and their dog with "Paws Brexit Paw-ever" sign

Schnauzer with anti-Brexit sign

Shiba inu dog puts paw on other dog's back at Wooferendum march

More photos now on our Facebook page!


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