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Wednesday Office Dog | Hollie of V2 Studios

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H ollie is a crossbreed of English working Cocker Spaniel and Bichon Frise and she has been the resident dog at V2 Studios, a product innovation and industrial design consultancy, for over four years.

Her owner Andy is the founder of V2 Studios, so it was natural that she was allowed to join every part of his life, including work, from day one she arrived home.

“I think that, generally, any environment that is accepting dogs is a better place. They are loving, caring, relaxed, and make anywhere feel more like home,” said Andy.


She is very friendly and everybody at the office loves her. They have been missing her lately, when she has been mostly staying at home to watch and care for Andy’s newborn. “She is cheerful, loyal and a social dog who is great with absolutely everyone except for Mr. Milkman (not sure what history they have but she’s never impressed when he turns up jingling his bottles),” Andy told me. “She is playful, and always happy to be with people as well as the other dogs in the complex. Sometimes we have 3 or 4 dogs running round the courtyard while the owners enjoy a tea break.”

I earlier had the chance to assist to some of these speedy races and games, and it was absolutely heartwarming to watch the dogs enjoying their break. It is hard work and big responsibility to be an office dog, in the end!


About Hollies’ office routine, Andy told, “She just loves to pester me, to get up on my desk and sleep next to the computer screen. I think this a very good vantage point to see across our courtyard to watch out for Mr. Milkman and in fact Mr. Postman who – come to think of it – she also dislikes, but that is definitely the only two people Hollie dislikes in the whole world.”

“Generally Hollie doesn’t like to be left out of anything, so quite often when I am in the meeting room she will sit outside the glass partitions and put on her cutest face,” continued Andy. “Without fail our clients usually end up asking if they can let her join in the meeting. Needless to say she is a hit with the clients.”



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