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Have fun and help charity: the Visions Dog Show

By August 10, 2016September 14th, 2018No Comments

The Winner

Did you know that having fun with your dog sometimes can mean helping dog charities? In London there are a number of events where you have the chance to enjoy with your dog while helping less lucky mutts simply entering one of the show categories (which usually costs unimportant amounts).

A good example of this kind of events was the Visions Dog Show, which very first edition was held at St. John at Hackney’s Churchyard on Saturday 6th August. The show was organised by and in aid of All Dogs Matter, within the Visions Festival. Best dog, Cutest Pup, Best Trick, Waggiest Tail, Best David Bovie/Prince/Lemmy dress the categories.

If you want to have a sneak peek and discover who the winners were, this is the right post.

1. Best Dog

#The Winner – Winnie (up for adoption!)

Winnie - Best Dog

Winnie, possibly the most pampered mutt during the show, is looking for her forever home with All Dogs Matter.
She is being treated after some extreme neglect, infested with fleas/mange, had very little fur and most of her teeth had to be removed. But she is a sweet girl and very excited to find her new forever home! You can find her rehoming profile here.

#Runner Up- Panda


Panda is a 10 year old Dalmatian “with a penchant for thievery, who enjoys watching Attenborough, demanding back massages and going to the pub”! Very well behaved, truly watched ALL the show with attentive eyes.

2. Cutest Pup

#The Winner- Rocky


Rocky- 3 month old chihuahua- captured the hearts of all on the day! What a tiny dog. He was caught diving into a lady-friend’s bag and coming out with a treat almost bigger than him (see picture above for the moment right before the dive)!

Rocky 1

#Runner Up- Albert

Albert border terrier

Albert- the runner up in the Cutest Pup – is a 5 month old “half border terrier half teddy bear”. If he had two wishes it would be to grow into his paws and world peace, his owner promises!

3. Best Trick

#The Winner – Gustavito


Gustavito was found as a stray in Spain – now the happiest dog ever, he’s always smiling! He moved to London with his owners and love the Tube and the parks, where he discovered SQUIRRELS! Best quote: “He loves the summer, because there are lots of legs to lick!”

#Runner Up- Betsy

VisionsDogShow Betsy

Betsy, two and a half year old Jug, loves peanut butter, cheese and swimming! She knows how to play shot-dead, just in case!

4. Waggiest Tail

#The Winner – Tiny
VisionsDogShow Tiny
VisionsDogShow Tiny2

Tiny the chocolate daschador is “the happiest biggest sausage dog on the planet!” He has been spotted endlessly playing with his ball, running around to meet new friends and wagging his tail like it was an eggbeater!

#Runner Up- Betty


Betty – tough start in life – she was abandoned before she was weaned away from her mother. But she has bounced back and has become the best friend anyone could wish for!

5. Fancy Dress

#The Winner- Rufio

VisionsDogShow Rufio2

With his wig, chain necklace and guitar, he conquered everyone. A real poser, he loved the camera and made a perfect model. “Autographs later”, please.

#Runner Up- Ziggy
VisionsDogShow Ziggy2
VisionsDogShow Ziggy

Ziggy, the bi-coloured eyes whippet, after a shy start, enjoyed showing off a fancy Bowie’s dress, proving that name was not chosen randomly (nome omen they say!).

Paws up to All Dogs Matter for the great show and thanks for having shared the descriptions of the winner dogs provided by their humans featured in this blog post!

More pictures of the show can be found on The Londog’s Facebook page. If you saw a picture of your dog you would like a soft copy of, or you want to check if I have taken any of your dog, please feel free to drop me a line (just leave me a message through The Londog’s Facebook page).

What’s next?

Fancy participating to the next fun dog event? Check and keep an eye on The Londog’s events page and find all the information you need to plan your next furtastic weekend!

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