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Tower Bridge Exhibition Dog-Friendly: An Eureka Dog Plan

By June 7, 2018 November 4th, 2018 2 Comments

Tower Bridge Exhibition dog-friendly - dog looking out of the window

Today we are thrilled to share a little secret: the Tower Bridge Exhibition is dog-friendly! If you are on the look for something unusual to do with your dog in London, this is definitely a good option to consider! We visited Tower Bridge Exhibition with Argo over the weekend to check it out and tell you all about it for an eureka weekend dog plan!

Dogs at the Tower Bridge Exhibition

dog-friendly Tower Bridge, dog on the glass floor

I have always felt sorry that dogs (other than guide dogs) are normally denied access to museums and cultural public buildings, so went on the hunt to find out whether there was any odd exception in London… and found it! Eureka moment: the Tower Bridge Exhibition is dog-friendly!

Starting from Tower Bridge

Dog queues outside dog-friendly Tower Bridge Exhibition

How many times have you walked on the ever crowded Tower Bridge, busy today as it was when it was built back in time. The Tower Bridge Exhibition tells about the history of Tower Bridge and of other famous bridges, as well as allows you to enojoy a unique viewpoint on the City and walk on a glass floor suspended on the Thames, if you dare.

The ticket office is located in the North Tower of the bridge, where you will join the queue outside. Ours was luckily very quick. One first thing to know is that to access the tickets office there is a revolving door: this can be very dangerous for dogs, as they that can get trapped and injured, so please be very careful or simply ask the staff to use the secondary door on the side (which is a normal type one) to enter. The staff we met was extremely kind and indicated us this safer alternative without even having to ask.

Dog at the security checks

In general, we were stunned by the kindness of the Tower Bridge Exhibition’s staff, who seems to consist in a whole crew of big dog lovers!

After purchasing the ticket you will pass through the security checks before getting the lift to the high walkways connecting the two towers (in case you prefer stairs over lifts, there is that alternative). In the lift the staff also explained us the route to be taken when upstairs.

Dog walking at Tower Bridge Exhibition walkways

Arriving on top of the North Tower, there is a room where you can watch an old video. We didn’t stop there because under the screen there was a fake cat and Argo didn’t get that it wasn’t real, starting to point it, so we preferred to continue our way to the walkways.

Dog walking on Tower Bridge’s Walkways and glass floor

Dog on a bench at Tower Bridge Exhibition

The East and West Walkways are a lovely place to test your knowledge of the names of all London buildings from an unusual observation point, and along the way you will find explanations and videos about the bridge. Of course, the biggest attraction is the Tower Bridge Walkway glass floor. If you are afraid of heights you may find yourself walking on the side of it, otherwise it can be a fun experience.

dog laying down on Tower Bridge glass floor

The glass floor is 42 meters above the Thames… and Argo walked on it without a blink! In fact, on the glass floor located in the West Walkaway, he was much more interested in investigating the reflection in the mirror on the ceiling above rather than looking down. He even stood up on his rear legs to try and sniff the fellow above, with much hilarity of all the visitors around us.

Dog and guy on Tower Bridge glass floor looking at the mirror above

A dog visit to the Engine Rooms

Dog in the engine rooms

After the visit in of the Towers and Walkways, we descended and exited the South Tower. Following the plaques on the ground, we found our way to the Engine Rooms, on the South bank of the river (remember to keep your ticket for this purpose). There we saw and learnt about the old steam and water system that was used for opening the bridge.

We enjoyed the exhibition, but especially the fact that we could bring Argo with us. In fact, it wouldn’t have been on our list if it didn’t have a dog-friendly policy. The after-visit can also be extremely pleasant, with a stroll on the Thames Path!

Tower Bridge Exhibition dog-friendly: info & tips

Dog looking into the steam engine at Tower Bridge

Tips. Hot weather – if it is a very hot day, please take into consideration that the walkways are made of glass, so it can become quite hot there and it may be an excessive heat for some dogs. You can buy some bottled water at the exhibition’s shop next to the Engine Rooms, but remember to bring a bowl. Times – you can check out the bridge lift times to try and be on the glass floor when the bridge opens. It may be a bit more crowded, but quite exciting.

Update (8/6/2018): Note: We received some feedback by the owner of a large dog who tried to visit Tower Bridge today and was turned away as it was too busy, so you may have to try and find times when it is less crowded.

Tickets: Tickets cost £9.80 for adults, but if you pre-order them online you will be able to save a few dimes (£8.70). You can also purchase a joint ticket for the Tower Bridge Exhibition and the Monument (£12), but unfortunately dogs are not allowed on The Monument, so keep this in mind!

Hours: until September the hours are 10-17.30, then until March 9.30-17

Dog in the engines room at Towe Bridge

E N J O Y!

… and send us some pics of your dog on the glass floor!


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