7 (original and unique) Things to Do in London with your Dog

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If you love to involve your dog in many activities, but you are starting to feel bored about doing the usual things, this is for you. In this post you will find dog-friendly London inspiration for 7 original and unsual things to do with your dog in town, many of which also happen to be free! Reviewed and tested for you with the help of Argo The Londog!

Things to do in London with your dog

#1. Visit a Dog-Friendly City Farm

dog looking at donkey during visit of dog-friendly city farm in London, Surrey Quays

Surrey Docks City Farm

When you walk into Surrey Docks City Farm it is like entering another dimension, and if it wasn’t for Canary Wharf’s skyscrapers standing out in the background, you would say you were in the country side or in one of Beatrix Potter’s books. The farm is dog-friendly, so you can bring along your well-behaved pooch and have a tour to see the farm animals. Also a great occasion to have a tea or a slice of cake at dog-friendly Piccalilli Cafe on the farm grounds or visit their lovely shop (full review coming soon on the blog).

Where: Surrey Docks City Farm (Rotherhithe-Surrey Quays – 18 mins walk from Surrey Quays Overground station)
Price: Free

Mudchute Farm

Mudchute Farm: Meet alpacas, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, hens and other small animals at Mudchute Farm (there are over 100 of them at the farm!). You can also stop by with your dog for having brunch at the dog-friendly Mudchute Kitchen, right next to the Equestrian Centre, and you can even enter a competition to make your dog the pet of the month. On the grounds dogs are required to be on leash, but there is a very large fenced area that dog owners normally use to give their dogs some good off-leash runs. A little paradise in the heart of Isle of Dogs!

Where: Surrey Docks City Farm (Rotherhithe-Surrey Quays – 18 mins walk from Surrey Quays Overground station), Mudchute Farm (Isle of Dogs – few mins walk from Mudchute DLR station)
Price: Free

#2. Bring your Doggie to a Dog Beach in London

Dog at the Ruislip Lido dog beach

Wait for the sun to be out and pretend to be in another country at Ruislip Lido’s doggie beach without leaving London. The water may not resemble the colour of the tropical beaches of your screensaver, but your dog will have a blast and make many new dog friends! Bring a towel for you and one for your dog, you will need it!

Where: Ruislip Lido, dog beach (from Ruislip station – Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines – take bus H13 to Ruislip Lido)
Price: Free

More about it: Things to Do(g): Visiting a Dog Beach in London

#3. Take your Dog to a Dog-Friendly Cinema Screening

Dog at the cinema

Dog-friendly cinema screenings have become a must for London dogs! They are a regular appointment at Picturehouse Central in Piccadilly, with a show for canines every six weeks. The next date for your diary is the 25th March for the dog-friendly preview of “Isle of Dogs”, when many cinemas of the Picturehouse circuit in London will open their doors to the four-legged: Greenwich, Hackney, East Dulwich, Clapham, Crouch End (all dates and how to get the tickets in the Dog Events Calendar).

Where: Picturehouse Central (and other cinemas)
Price: £8-£16.50
More about it: Dog-friendly cinema review // upcoming dates

#4. Enter a Fun Dog Show or Another Dog Event

Dog event London Chiswick House Dog Show 2017

Did you know that there are fun dog shows and other dog themed and dog-friendly events taking place in every part of London every week? Chiswick House Dog Show, Pup Aid, Battersea Dog Fun Day, Halloween Dog Walk and Show, Canary Woof, only some of the most famous ones. Check all upcoming dog events near you in the Dog Events Calendar. Still unsure about which one to choose? Have a flick through our reviews of past dog events to find your favourite.

Weekly dog events round-up posts are published weekly on The Londog Facebook page.

Where: Various venues in London
Price: various (free/£5)
More: Upcoming events // Reviews of past events // London Dog Events Facebook Group

#5. Try a Dog Agility Trail at the Park

Dog agility London

Fancy giving your pup a go at agility obstacles but you’re not able to committ to a course? Don’t worry: there are 6 public dog agility trails in London parks you can take advantage of. Do you live in East London? Then visit Mile End Park’ agility course. Are you based in West London? Check out Chase Lane shiny Bark Park. Is North London the place where you walk your dog? Then you can’t miss Higham Hill Recreation Ground dog exercise area with its newly installed equipment, or you can the (more basic) metal jumps and weave poles in Angel at Barnard Park or venture up North East to Lee Valley Park. Finally, if you are in South London, this means you can discover Geraldine Harmsworth Park’s dog agility trail.

Where: London: Mile End Park – Chase Lane Bark Park – Higham Hill Recreation Ground – Barnard Park – South London’s Geraldine Harmsworth Park – Lee Valley Park
Price: Free

Further info: (Public) Dog Agility Trails of London

#6. Join a Dog Sport Club or Course in London

dog sports club agility

Fancy starting agility, flyball, canicross, transfor your dog in the best tricks performer, go to doga (dog yoga) classes, or a dog-friendly fitness course? Yes you can. London may not offer exactly all the dog sports you can find in the rest of the country, but there is a wide list to choose from. If you prefer to go jogging with your dog, you can also get involved and raise money for charity by participating in the Muddy Dog Challenge, in aid of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, or in one of the Woof Dog Cancer UK events.

Find your dog sport/dog-friendly activity: How to find a dog sport club or course in London

#7. Join a Breed-Specific Meet Up or Event

Pug at a pug event, wearing a crown

Last year London saw a rise in the number of pug events, with the pop-up Pug Cafe’ coming to town, as well as the lovely Pug & Pals dog cafe in Brick Lane, and a Pug Party going full on with games at Elmtree. But the sausage dogs are heading 2018 with walks all over London! While the Dachshund Cafe’ has not yet reached town, after the first Sausage London Social Walk organised by insta-famous Reginald the Sausage, there is the great Sausage Walk London coming up in Greenwich (on 18th March), aside from the sausage dogs Hyde Park monthly meetup.

Do you own a Whippet? Join the Whippet Up and the Whippet Out Walthamstow for some serious zoomies in North London. If Bulldogs are your life, then the massive Bulldog meetup hosted monthly in Central London is your must thing to do. And just French Bulldogs pacifically invade Victoria Park and Battersea Park for regular meet-ups too. A big favourite of ours? The Beagle Bonanza, organised in very North London, at Elmtree Canine Country Club near Crews Hill, enclosed woodland area, games and a pack of howling hounds! Non of these breeds is yours? You can still find many more!


#8. Go for a ride at Ruislip Lido Railway

#9. Take your dog for a “dogtail” at Smith & Whistle in Mayfair (in April 2018)


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