Dogs Trust Seminar: Puppies; Getting It Right From the Start


9.15-10.30: Socialise me! What’s it all about? (Linda Ryan – Karen Pryor Academy)
11.00-11.45: Feed me! Nutrition plays a big role in normal brain & body development, & health later in life. (Clare Hemmings – ROYAL CANIN)
11.45-13.00: Train me! (+ Practical) Become a clicker trainer! (Linda Ryan – Karen Pryor Academy)
14.00-14.45: Rescue me! Why adopt? The benefits & joy can be huge. (Alasdair Bunyan – Dogs Trust)
14.45-15.30: Play with me! Dogs need to play!. (Linda Ryan – on behalf of Kong)
16:30 Finish
Hosted by Karen Pryor Academy & Royal Canin
Supported by Dogs Trust & KONG

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