How to travel with a large dog on London tube (avoiding escalators)

Argo in the tube

Getting around in London on public transport is fast and convenient. Even with a dog. However, if you travel with a large four-legged friend, escalators can become your nightmare. It is a matter of common knowledge that dogs may get injured on escalators: fur, nails or skin can get trapped into moving staircases’ teeth causing serious harm to your pet. So, unless you are Ryan Gosling – who was pictured few years back carrying his beloved furry companion George – or you are otherwise strong enough to carry your dog for an escalator ride, you may want to look for ways to avoid moving staircases.

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Dog thefts in London: a raising issue

Dog out of a shop

Everyday stories of dog thefts are heard from dog forums and groups. A few days ago, the BBC published an article on dog thefts in England and Wales, announcing a 22% increase in the number of reports over the last two years.

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