Discovering London Dog Exercise Areas


When I first moved to London from the continent, I was very impressed by the fact that, in most parks, dogs could run off-leash. That is great if you have a very-well-trained and obedient dog. But what if your dog is not yet there (because maybe has a high drive, a bad recall, does not get along well with other dogs), or simply the park overlooks busy roads and you don’t want to take any risks?

Having a dog with a high drive myself (despite our continuous training), I could not trust Argo off-leash in open parks. So I began looking for enclosed dog exercise areas and mapping them out. I will tell you more about it in this blog post!

This post will be updated adding each new dog area review I publish on the blog. To keep up to date I also advise you to follow The Londog on Facebook, to be alerted when a new review is live.

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Dog thefts in London: a raising issue

Dog out of a shop

Everyday stories of dog thefts are heard from dog forums and groups. A few days ago, the BBC published an article on dog thefts in England and Wales, announcing a 22% increase in the number of reports over the last two years.

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