Dog-Friendly London | 3 Festive Things to Do with your Dog this December

Ham House dog-friendly

Feeling bored of the usual dog walks at the park? There are 3 christmassy things you can do in London with your dog this December that are not “the usual stuff”!

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Dog-friendly Cinema Screening | God’s Own Country

Dog-friendly screenings are proving to be a howling success at Picturehouse Central in Piccadilly. Last month we participated and it was marvellous (you can find our review and photos here)!

Water bowls will be provided inside and outside the screen. They will also hand out blankets so dogs can sit on seats next to their human companions.

Tickets are £5 for Picturehouse Members, £8 for non-members. Dogs go FREE!

Dog-Friendly Cinema Screening at Picturehouse Central: a review

Argo the Dog at the cinema | copyright

Thiking to go to the cinema? Get the “pupcorn”, because your dog is coming with you! Last Sunday we went to the dog-friendly screening of The Big Sick at Picturehouse Central cinema in Piccadilly. This is what we thought of it and all you need to know to plan your next visit!

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Things to Do(g): Visiting a Dog Beach in London

Ruislip Lido dog beach | Copyright

After last week’s rainy and cold weather, Summer seemed to be back this weekend. So we decided to put a checkbox on a long awaited trip to Ruislip Lido’s dog beach. The only dog beach we are aware of in London. Here is all you need to know to plan your own visit. Your dog will thank you for that!

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3 Dog-Friendly Bookshops in London

How many times have you had to try and figure out if you could bring along your dog in that shop you wanted to visit? And maybe tried to ring them up without any luck and ended up leaving your dog at home? If you love books, your life will now be a bit easier with this little guide about dog-friendly bookshops in London! Three bookstores that, hopefully, will be able to satisfy any desire of yours!

So next time you want to go and buy that book, guide or map, you won’t need to worry about leaving your furry-friend behind!

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