Halloween Special | Murder Mistery for dogs

“There is a murderer on the loose in the woodland area! So far they have only claimed one victim, but we need your help to stop them! Who is the victim, how did they die and who committed the crime?”

Scarily good, interactive team game event, incorporating all the skills you have learnt at training classes, all dogs welcome as long as they are dog and people friendly.

Booking required. For tickets email training@elmtreepethotel.co.uk

Puppy Pilgrims | Dogs & Pizza event

To celebrate the fact that Pizza Pilgrims are a dog friendly pizzeria they are throwing a dog event at their pizzeria in Exmouth Market for one day only…PUPPY PILGRIMS!

Apart from their usual classic pizzas, they will serve:

  • “every dogs dream pizza, aptly named The Dogfather with 100% of the profits going to Whittingham Kennels, Greyhound Trust” (minced ragu pizza)
  • doggie ice cream from Billy & Margot on the menu for those with sweet canines.

There will also be a fancy dress competition with an Italian Haute Cature theme, with prizes for the winners. Doggie Bags, with goodies offered by Lilys Kitchen, Growlees, Pooch & Mutt, Duke & Fergie, The Labrador Company and Oli Juste, for participants.

Hashtag #puppypilgrims


Dog Day Afternoon | Cabbages and Frocks Market

Back by public demand Cabbages and Frocks lifestyle market in Marylebone village is putting on another special DOG DAY AFTERNOON. The Good Boy Dog School headed by Dima, who will be presenting the same dog display as on “Britain’s Got talent ” at 12 noon and 2pm.

Free doggy competitions from 2.30pm judged by Chamois Rosewood and Rob Alleyne:
– “A bit of ruff” for mixed breeds
– Best dog trick
– Waggy tail
– Miniatures and toy breeds
– Matching pairs
– New kid on the Block – Best Puppy
– Oldies but goodies
– Best in show

Beagle Bonanza | October 2017 edition

The next edition of the Beagle Bonanza is taking place on Saturday 7th October! Join the pack and let your Beagle roam free in a 5 acres fully enclosed woodland!

All Beagles and owners welcome for this great family day out, where they will be supporting Cyrpus Beagles again. Entrance £5 per dog, £2 of which gets donated to Cyprus Beagles.

Organisers ask that dogs participating to the Bonanza are friendly and able to cope in an off lead eniroment with other dogs, people and children around.

Read about a previous edition of the Beagle Bonanza and see the pictures from the event in this blog post.

Directions from Enfield:

Turn right onto Burnt Farm Ride at Jollyes Pet Store in Crews Hill, Enfield. Then follow the road until you come under the M25 bridge. As you come under the bridge the training centre is just on the left. Please note: there is no access from Jones Road, Cuffley.

Chiswick House Dog Show 2017: A Dog Digest

The 2017 edition of the Chiswick House Dog Show was held on Sunday 24th September and was a great success! To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the publication of the first Sherlock Holmes story by Conan Doyle, the theme of the show was inspired to the world of detectives (and Sherlock Bones). Comperes wore deerstalker caps and the fancy dress category was entered by many dog detectives!

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