Friday Office Dog Pack | Dogs of Just So

Dogs of Just So Films

To conclude this edition of the Office Dog Series we have a terrific office dog pack, that of Just So. Rosa the Standard Poodle, Edie the Miniature Poodle, Alba the Cockapoo and Buddy the Cocker Spaniel are in charge of canine affairs at Just So’s Shoreditch HQ.

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Thursday Office Dog | Sebastian the Studio Manager of TMC

studio dog on table

Sebastian, the black Miniature Schnauzer, is a founding member of Toby Marsh Creative (TMC), an East London based branding studio. He is told to be a “certified charmer” and has an official job title, Studio Manager.

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Wednesday Office Dog | Wally of PMA Film & Television

Wally office dog

Wally is a black six-year old Miniature Labradoodle; his dad, Tae Mawson, is an independent digital producer. The couple recently joined PMA Film & Television, where Wally enjoys being a “playing hard ball” member of the team.

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Tuesday Office Dog | Abba the Theatre Dog

Abba the theatre dog

From outside – if you hadn’t spot the sign – you would never tell you were in front of a theatre. But if you walk down the stairs leading to the building’s basement, and enter the door at the bottom, you will find yourself in the (tiny) London Theatre. Formerly a sound production studio, the space was converted into a theatre hosting stand-up comedy shows and acting classes by former policeman Harry, and everything is small-sized apart from its resident theatre dog, Abba, the Malamute/Irish Wolfhound cross!

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Monday Office Dog | Oslo of Mana Media

Mana Media office dog

Oslo, the white Labradoodle, is definitely a dog who doesn’t go unnoticed, both for his extra-large size and beautiful looks. The first time I met him at the park he struck me as resembling Falkor – the Neverending Story’s character – for his curly coat and sweet expression; a far more handsome version of it, clearly! He is the resident dog of production agency Mana Media and makes every day at work worthy a comedy show.

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