Agency Dog Pack | Dogs of Mother

Poppy of Mother

Exactly one year ago, after visiting Mother London – the renown advertisement agency – for a photoshoot and interview, I  published agency Cockapoo Captain’s story in the very first edition of the Office Dog Series. One year later, though Captain has left the company to pursue her dream of becoming a denim designer dog, Mother continues to be a great dog-friendly agency. And when discussing a feature in the celebrative special edition of the Series, not just a couple of dogs, but a little army of 8 responded to the call!

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Office Dog Series | Celebrating Year One

Office Dog Series Birthday

In December 2016, with much excitement I was rolling out the first edition of the Office Dog Series. One year, 6 editions and 30 office dogs later, here we are celebrating its first birthday! So I thought it would be a nice gift to tell you a bit about the backstage of the Series and run a special edition, something one of a kind, a bit different from the 30 office dogs stories published so far, but still about dogs and offices…

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Friday Office Dog | Princess Paws Lola of Zambuni

Lola is the eight-years old Cocker Spaniel of Zambuni, a PR and marketing agency based in Mayfair. She is referred to as Princess Paws, Urban Gun Dog, Wiggles and Sqwiggles, and is a rising star. In fact, she was recently interviewed by The Times Weekend, which described her as Britain’s most well-connected dog. She closes the sixth edition of the Office Dog Series featuring as Friday office dog.

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Thursday Agency Dog | Batman the Director of Cuddles of Kindred Agency

When you enter Kindred Agency‘s – an independent advertisement agency – offices, a little black Frenchie, proudly wearing a Batman bandana, is probably snoozing somewhere around at the office. His name is, guess what? Batman!

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