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Stories of ordinary and extraordinary people and their dogs

By June 23, 2016September 29th, 2016No Comments


It is fascinating to see how many different kinds of human-dog bonds exist. Possibly, the variety of relationships between a dog and its master equals the  number of humans multiplied for the number of dogs on earth.

In this constellation of man-dog bonds there is who draws from his/her dog inspiration, to whom his/her dog means a reason for living, who relies on his/her furry companion for assistance due to a disability, who treats it as a working companion in his/her job, who humanises it, who handles it just as a beast, and so on and so forth.

From the shepherd to the dog trainer, from the painter to the deaf person, from the safe lifeguard to the police officer, from the old lady to the hard jogger, each has a different interconnection with his/her dog and a distinctive understanding of their dog’s language and behaviour.

There is so much you can tell about a person from the way he/she treats his/her dog and you can also tell a bit about that same person’s life from their dog.

It is so intriguing to try and understand this dog universe, that I decided to narrate some of the stories I come across, interviewing people about how their dog fits and nourishes in their lives.

So, starting from the end of July, I will feature a story per month. Get some popcorns, lay on your sofa and enjoy! Just like my two furry friends pictured at the top of the post do!

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