Things to do: Sheep Proof Your Dog


Have you ever let your dog off leash only to see it run after  a squirrel, cat, or sheep? There is a popular video from 2011, depicting Fenton the black labrador chasing a herd of deers in Richmond Park, while his owner – helplessly and desperately – tries to get hold of him.

Certainly no dog owner can possibly wish to find himself/herself in Fenton’s handler’s shoes.

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Chiswick House Dog Show 2016: the best way to start Autumn

Chiswick dog

Last Sunday, Chiswick House and Grounds’ cricket pitch hosted the wonderful Chiswick House Dog Show 2016. With an incredible turnout of dogs and humans of any age, and the blessing of a perfect sunny weather, it was the most colourful, cheerful, and barkful London dog event of the season.

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Stories: Kamal Fernandez, dog trainer

Kamal Fernandez

For the second post in The Londog’s series “Stories”, which narrate about people and their special bonds with dogs, I interviewed Kamal Fernandez. Kamal is a renown dog trainer and dog sports coach, his specialities being obedience and agility. Based in the UK, Kamal also travels the world to teach at seminars and give lectures on dog training, behaviour and competitive dog sports. Recently, he took part in TV programme ‘Dogs Might Fly’, which was broadcast on SKY One.

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A dog trip to Paris: a brief “Paris-chien” guide

Argo in the Ile de la Cité

Paris is 2,5 hours far from London by Eurostar. However, since the Eurostar does not allow pets onboard, if you wish to travel with your dog  you have to opt for a 5,5 to 7 hours long journey and give up the comfort of a superfast direct train. Once in Paris, what about a dog day there? For my afternoon in the Ville Lumière during my London to Venice dog train trip I had put together a brief Paris dog guide, which I want to share with you. I like to call it “Parichien” or “Paris-chien” Guide, in a perfect The Londog style (in French “chien” means dog, so Parichien is The Londog’s homologous!).

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Pup Aid 2016: United Against Puppy Farming

Beautiful dog1

On Saturday 3 September, in Primrose Hill there was a great buzz for the Pup Aid 2016: the latest edition of a dog show started in 2009 by veterinary surgeon Marc Abraham (also known as ‘Marc the Vet’), which aims to raise awareness about the cruel practice of puppy farming.

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