Thursday Office Dog | Charley Pooh head of Dog-Friendly Accomodation

Champagne Charleeze aka Charley Pooh is the 5 kilos champagne blond Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier cross Toy Poodle), who heads the ‘Dog-Friendly Accommodation Department’ at London Link Properties, an estate agency in Limehouse, London. She also plays a crucial role in supervising the Canary Woof Dog Show – a Summer fun dog event which was started by her owner, Lesley, two years ago -.

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Wednesday Office Dog | Amos the Studio Dog

Dylan Collard is a very talented people & location advertising photographer (represented by Vue) who brings his seven year-old one-eyed Border Terrier, Amos, to work with him at his South London Studio. I have known them for about two years and simply adore the couple.

Apart from his corporate clients and jobs, Dylan is also currently working on a personal Black Dog portrait series. I was lucky to be able to have a sneak peek at the photos he shot so far – which are absolutely stunning – and I can’t wait to see it completed and shown in some exhibition!

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Tuesday Office Dog | Jarvis the Studio Dog of Design Bridge

Meet Jarvis, the three year-old Bedlington-Whippet cross  studio dog at Design Bridge, an independent brand agency. He is the calmest dog on earth and, with his elegant and gracious manners, seems like having made his way out of a painting. Against the background of the splendid furnishings of Design Bridge’s offices, he is even more picturesque.

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Monday Office Dog | Devon the Chief Canine Officer

Devon is the black Labrador in charge as Chief Canine Officer at TopLine Comms, an integrated marketing agency, in Soho. She has been a part of TopLine for almost five years, going to work with her humans Heather and Jamie since she was just 12 weeks old. If you pop by their offices, you will find her to greet you by the door.

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Bat Dog’s Forever Home: A goodnight book that does good

Three years ago, Cara Thurlbourn and her husband adopted big ears lurcher Molly from a rehoming centre in Ireland. Since then, Cara was overwhelmed by the love Molly brought in their lives, so she thought to try and raise awareness about rescue dogs.

She decided to write a children’s book that would tell the story of lonely dog who goes on hunt for a family that would love her as she is, and to donate part of the profits from the book to dog charities.

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