Have fun and help charity: the Visions Dog Show

The Winner

Did you know that having fun with your dog sometimes can mean helping dog charities? In London there are a number of events where you have the chance to enjoy with your dog while helping less lucky mutts simply entering one of the show categories (which usually costs unimportant amounts).

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Stories: Hamish MacInnes and the founding of SARDA

Dr. Hamish MacInnes, born in 1930, is an expert and renowned mountaineer, climber, documentarist and inventor (he designed the first folding stretcher and the first all-metal ice axe). Hamish developed the modern mountain rescue practices and is considered the father of the Search And Rescue Dog Association (SARDA). In 1965 and in 1980 respectively, Hamish received the British Empire Medal (BEM) and Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to mountaineering and mountain rescue.

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How to travel with a large dog on London tube (avoiding escalators)

Argo in the tube

Getting around in London on public transport is fast and convenient. Even with a dog. However, if you travel with a large four-legged friend, escalators can become your nightmare. It is a matter of common knowledge that dogs may get injured on escalators: fur, nails or skin can get trapped into moving staircases’ teeth causing serious harm to your pet. So, unless you are Ryan Gosling – who was pictured few years back carrying his beloved furry companion George – or you are otherwise strong enough to carry your dog for an escalator ride, you may want to look for ways to avoid moving staircases.

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Summer fun dog shows for Londogs 2016


Believe it or not, British summer is here. And with summer, plenty of fun dog shows you can participate to during your weekends. Earlier in May, I told you about our visit to the Paws in the Park dog show and advised on a few fun dog days scheduled for early summer in England (see my previous blog post). Today I would like to share with you our last visits to Canary Woof and Hounds on the Heath shows in London and provide you with the dates of the next fun dog days and events you can find in London in the forthcoming months.

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