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Office Pack | Dogs of Ignis

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Coco of Ignis

An almost all female powered team for – brand marketing agency – Ignis’ office dog pack, which closes this special edition of the Office Dog Series. Bitches Cujo, Coco and Callie propel the agency, while outnumbered Mr Darcy is said to “use his male swagger to keep up”.

Meet Ignis’ dogs

Ignis has four office dogs, each of whom has a very distinct personality and adds spice to the agency’s daily activities. Cujo the rescue mongrel, Coco the Bichon Frise, Mr Darcy the West Highlands Terrier, Callie the baby Pochoon. You may remember of Cujo, Brand Love Ambassador of Ignis, who starred as Wednesday office dog in the August edition of the Series. It is finally time to properly introduce you to the other dogs of the agency!

The dogs in the worlds of the Ignites

Cujo office dog of Ignis

Cujo (CJ)

Loveable, Neurotic, Greedy

“The only thing Cujo loves more than catfood is Steph [her mum]. She would happily spend every day in the office, but sometime must remain at home to keep the cats in check. Cujo loves people, but only when they are people shaped: people on bikes, with pushchairs, on scooters, etc. are a big no-no. This sometimes makes travelling difficult, as she has a propensity for barking furiously at anything not humanoid.”

If Cujo was a famous person: “She could be a female lead from any recent TV show: she is a strong, independent bitch who needs no man (dog).” Interestingly, at the agency they say that “Cujo is also living proof that gingers are and have the most fun!”

Mr Darcy dog Ignis

Mr Darcy (Mr D)

Friendly, Faithful, Arthritic

“A stalwart of the creative department, Mr Darcy protects our creative brethren from passing aircraft and motorcycles. He is immensely proud of his bark, which invariably scares all passing vehicles away whether he can see them or not. His most athletic days are now behind him and test match games of chase are now a little beyond him. However, he has perfected the short form of the game, which invariably involves a burst of two laps around the desk, followed by a roll onto his back for a tummy tickle and a rest.”

Mr Darcy was named after the same character from Pride & Prejudice “…or maybe it was Bridget Jones?!”, said his father Nick.

Coco of Ignis


Coco (Coco Chanel Silversander)

Affectionate, Happy, Precious

“Coco loves being clean. Her happiest moment is just after having been at the groomers. The longer her fur gets the more street and raga dog she becomes. Coco’s favourite time of day are breakfast and dinner.”

Although she is known for enjoying Summer and seeking the sunniest parts of Ignis’ garden for sun bathing, “Coco loves the winter more, since she loves to run through the leaves on the pavement and loves playing in the snow”.

Callie (Floppy)

A new addition to the Ignis’ dog pack is Callie, a baby Poochon. “As you would expect from an 8-week-old puppy, she is very bouncy and active, which has given Coco a shock!”, noted her owner Paul. It remains to be seen what role she will gain in the pack when she settles in.

The Pack

Ignis dog pack

Ignis’ pack is said to be a united team, with their own territories in the agency and maintain order throughout. They are considered a superhero squad and their roles at the agency are quite defined. The team said:

  1. “Cujo is our agency pack leader, ensuring all Ignites are motivated and ready for the day with an alarm bark in the morning.
  2. Coco reminds agency workers that sometimes a little timeout to be sociable is important.
  3. Mr Darcy provides sassy inspiration for any Ignis photoshoot.”

In fact, when I visited the agency, Mr Darcy took the shoot at heart… he tried to help making himself front and centre of all photographs as well as come near and lick my face to say thank you and provide cuddly support.

On her part, the new addition, Callie, being a lively pup, brought a bit of disruption to the normal routine. “Coco has the luxury of her own escape from the pup and will take herself off to our sofa where she can enjoy Callie trying and failing to reach her. But unfortunately taking the high ground means that Coco has surrendered the floor which includes her bed where Callie can be found playing and chewing Coco’s toys!”, said Paul.

Ignis dogs

Ignis agency Pack Survival Guide

The dogs of Ignis have simple needs. It is sufficient that you observe three elementary rules to make them a merry and thriving agency pack:

  1. “All senior meetings must include pack leader Cujo to guarantee no knees are left unlicked or treats are missed.
  2. Stairs are to be barked at and, if you’re Mr Darcy, they are not to be climbed (Ignites should stop what they’re doing to carry Mr D up and down stairs wherever necessary).
  3. If it’s a busy day in the creative department, it’s best to lie in the middle of the floor to ensure nobody misses an opportunity to stroke you, especially if you’re a white Bichon called Coco.”

Ignis’ office dog pack is…

“Bright, energetic and sparking brand love in everything they do.”

Ignis brand love

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