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Introducing the Office Dogs Series

By December 10, 2016February 9th, 2018No Comments


A dream for almost any dog owner is to bring their dog to work. So, when I met the first office dog and learnt about his story, I started wondering how many other places had a dog-friendly policy in place. In just a couple of months, I had spoken to so many dog-friendly companies’ people that I decided to start an Office Dogs series.

And what best start than having an entire Office Dogs Week? I picked 5 office dog stories, one per working day, and I will be sharing them with you starting on Monday. So make sure you follow The Londog’s Facebook page and wait for our news feeds!

You will discover a hidden world, where dogs join their humans and become part of a bigger family, many times in a creative environment. With hilarious stories, a lot of cuddles and some nicknames and job titles as well!

The Series will be also continuing in 2017!

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