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Friday Office Dog | Sonny the Chief Office Chair Chewer at Margaret London

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Sonny is a five-months old English Bulldog puppy who, according to her mummy Beka, is FULL of beans although absolutely hates going for walks. She goes by nicknames Chunky Monkey, Fatty, Chubs, Sonia, Sonny Jim, Jim Bean, but her serious job title at Margaret London – the creative communication agency she “works” at – is Chief Office Chair Chewer.


Sonny’s arrival in Beka’s family was somehow unplanned. In fact, she and her partner had just brought Sonny’s brother home, but they were carried away by Sonny. Beka recounted “we just couldn’t resist more bulldog puppy cuteness when we found out she had been returned by the first family that bought her. Personally I was terrified when we brought her home and she immediately peed everywhere, stole all of her brother’s toys and then sat in his bed not letting him near it. But she’s turned into such a softy who just wants cuddles all the time and has to say hello to everyone that passes her.”

Indeed, Sonny is a truly adorable furry ball. She puts up the typical expressions and funny behaviours that you would be acquainted with if you know the breed. For instance, she likes wrapping her mouth around Beka’s chin when she picks her up or around her arm, and woofs with a deep voice when she finds something unusual.

“The thing I love most about Sonny is her face; she always looks so concerned and worried and has the cutest girl puppy dog eyes”, added Beka. What Beka doesn’t love as much is her chewing habit, which is reflected in her job title, Chief Office Chair Chewer. “I hate that she chews our walls, she’s managed to chew the corner of three walls in our flat, which now need replastering!” said Beka.

Sonny is also known for

Loving: Attention! “Any kind of attention from anyone. She cries if she’s not getting attention from her mums at all times, and she intentionally walks in front of people in the street so that they notice her! “
Hating: Walking. “She will try and avoid it at all costs. Especially if she has to wear her watermelon harness, which personally I think she looks unbearably cute in”
Funniest habit: “She’s a particularly happy dog so I find it hilarious when she gets the zoomies – especially in the office when she runs around the desks in circles”
Most annoying habit: “When she gets overtired she’ll continuously bark at me if I’m not paying her attention”

 Sonny’s Office Life

Sonny has been going to the office with Beka since the first week she had her. Given that she was a little puppy, the first days were tailored on her needs.

“When Sonny was a little younger, I would barricade her into one section of the office so as to minimise the area in which she could pee”, explained Beka. “But now she’s older (and slightly more potty trained) she has her bed area behind my desk chair with a few toys on it”.

Previously, Beka had another Bulldog, Biggie, who used to go with her at Margaret, so her colleagues were already used to her canine companions. Now also Sonny established her office routine.

“Her day mostly consists of strolling in and saying hi to everyone, and then having a nap until lunchtime when she goes for a walk, comes back and terrorises everyone and everything in the office for an hour or so (mostly by running into their legs or trying to eat one of our many plants) and then falls asleep again until home time! She’s a simple dog with simple pleasures!” said Beka.

On her shame list, Sonny has a particular situation. “The first time I brought Sonny into the office she was penned into a little area towards the back of the office. In the afternoon half of the office moved to that end for a conference call with a big new client, and Sonny took this opportunity to do one of the smelliest poos I’ve ever experienced – leaving half of my office gagging and trying not to let the client on the other end of the line hear!”, recounted Beka.

This is not hard to believe, considered the super smelly fart Sonny could produce during our photo shoot! A real Bulldog!

Dog-friendly Margaret

Margaret is a dog-friendly company and Sonny is not the only office dog. In fact, Alfie, a whippet, goes in three days a week.

“I’m lucky to work in a really fun and relaxed environment which includes being allowed to bring your dog to work!” commented Beka. “[The] other dog, Alfie, who comes in Monday to Wednesday, is far better behaved than Sonny! I think if it wasn’t for the owners keeping a close eye on their dog and making sure they’re not causing too much mischief, then our bosses might not be so lenient, but I’m incredibly grateful to be able to have Sonny with me everyday, not to mention saving on dog walking costs!”

“The best perks of having Sonny in the office are the afternoon cuddles. She likes to sit on my lap and rest her chin on my chest and have a nap there. She’s like a living hot water bottle which is great because our office gets very cold in the winter!” concluded Beka.

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