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Office Dog Series

Office Dog Series | Cinderella of All Saints

By September 3, 2019September 9th, 2019No Comments

Early morning sun rays filter through the glass door and create long shadows on the leather sofa where I wait to meet Cinderella. I am not visiting Disneyworld as the name of my host may suggest, instead, I am at the Shoreditch headquarters’ reception of clothing and accessories brand All Saints and Cinderella is a rescue Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who spends time at the digital department of All Saints with her mum Jessica.

Cinderella the office dog of All Saints

Office dog puts paw on meeting room tableCinderella arrived in Jessica’s life in April, and is now 20-month young. Her name was previouly Cindy, which Jessica changed into Cinderella. “She does her name justice, as she really does behave like a princess. She’s all about the belly scratching (she’s recruited quite a few at the office for the task) and does not understand why she wouldn’t have her own chair at the dinner table. She definitely prefers humans to dogs, and gets attention wherever she struts.”

Cinderella is also known for:

Loving: Busses and big trucks
Hating: Not being centre of attention
Funniest habit: Pirouette right before a meal
Most annoying habit: Always wanting love (basically being very needy)
Most famous/infamous episode: Her #bottlecapchallenge instagram video that went viral
Job title: Director of Happiness

Cinderella’s office dog life

Office dog walking action shot

Concrete floors and columns, glass and steel furniture,  large windows in the meeting rooms, which walls are covered in images of young cool lads and gals. This is the digital floor, where Cinderella spends her weekdays time. She has joined the team since she was adopted by Jessica in April. “She tends to get quite excited at the idea of getting to work in the morning and after a walk through Victoria Park, she starts pulling as soon as she sees the bus stop”, recounts Jessica. “She sleeps most of the day, however knows who to go to for some good belly scratches and the occasional treat. When my seats is free she gladly occupies it.”

Cavalier office dog hides behind owner's skirtWhen she started coming in at work, Cinderella was a bit anxious about being left alone, so she followed Jessica everywhere and even waited her outside the loo. “Over time this has gotten a lot easier, and she now just jumps on my seat when I go away, and I don’t need to ask for someone to look after her if I’m in a meeting where I can’t bring her,” explains Jessica. When I arrive, Cinderella leans on Jessica’s leg, if pretending to camouflage with her long skirt or just to find the comfort of her presence I can’t tell.

“Although she’s very easy going, and need minimal supervision, I have noticed Monday’s are not a good day to bring her in,” continues Jessica. “I am just too busy on a Monday morning to give her any sort of attention.” The other days she tags along. East London fits well with their life, as there are plenty of dog-friendly shops and places and a some green areas not too far from the office. “My gym, Another Space, is another great example of making life with a dog easier, as the lovely ladies at reception have kindly offered to look after Cinderella whilst I go work out,” adds Jessica.

Dogs of All Saints

Small office dog among chairs

When I visit All Saints’ HQ, I meet other 2 doggies, including a white fluffy cloud called Betsy. Jessica recounts that there are at least 6 dogs coming in at the office, and the dogs I meet are the 3 residents of the digital floor. Apparently the first four-legged resident wasn’t too pleased to see two young girls (Cinderella & Betsy) entered the floor, as he much preferred to snuggle under his human’s desk in his comfy bed rather than interacting with the new furry starters.

“The dog policy at Allsaints is very relaxed,” says Jessica. “As long as your pooch doesn’t bother anyone, there aren’t many rules. On our floor, the kitchen is a big no-no, and all the dogs on our floor have learnt to stay by the door. All our dogs are off lead, but generally stay just next to their owners in their own beds.”

The impact of dogs at the office

Girl and her dog at the office on a chair

Around Jessica’s desk, all her colleagues put up some big smiles seeing Cinderella arriving every day. “As per her title, she is the Happiness Director, and she really takes her role seriously. She brings a lot of joy to the floor, and I see big disappointment in peoples faces when I show up alone. She is great at releasing stress, and lightens the mood everywhere she goes. I am pretty confident in saying she’s a great addition to the team, and loved my most of my colleagues,” says Jessica.

“Bringing your pooch to work, does not only save a ton of money, it has also revealed quite a few dog-sitting volunteers,” she continues. “Being able to bring my dog to work has really been the key in being able to have Cinderella.”

Office dog sits on concrete floor at the office


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