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Thursday Office Dog | Joy the Lead Interior Designer at Temza

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Joy, the two year-old Hungarian Vizsla, is Lead Interior Designer of Temza, a Pimlico-based design and construction studio. She can often be found chilling out on the green velvet lounge at the entrance of the office and cheering up the team.

Joy the office dog of Temza

Joy office dog looks up

Joy is a busy dog. Apart from her title of Lead Interior Designer of Temza, she runs a successful Instagram account where she allows a peak into the behind-the-scenes of the interiors she works on every day along with the dog-friendly findings she makes around the block.

“Joy always gives a warm welcome to everyone who comes to the office and cheer them up by hugging them, jumping on them and offering them a game of ball”, says Sonia.”Some days can be very demanding for the team, and she tries to help them by making sure to lay on each carpet sample they put on the floor and sniff every package of furniture that gets delivered. Some things are just best done by dogs I say!”

Vizla office dog on the floor

Joy is also known for…

Loving: Soft fabrics, plush velvets, antique furniture & dog treats.
Hating: When the postman comes in the middle of her afternoon nap and she has to take the delivery.
Funniest habit: She would run around the office doing her business and just casually lick your elbow on the way from the meeting area to the kitchen.

Vizla at a dog friendly interior designer office in London

A designer dog day

Joy has been working at Temza full time since she was a puppy, covering her office duty 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, and features on the team members’ page on Temza’s website. Sonia notes that the area around their Pimlico office is very rich traditional architectural features, with old front doors and floor mosaics. This obviously provides plenty of inspiration and photo opportunities and Joy seems to be always happy to pose in front of them, as well as visit other beautiful dog-friendly places, cafes, restaurants and markets.

Asked about Joy’s office routine, Sonia recounts,”having to overlook the entire process of every design project they are working on, which is very tiring, Joy feels the need to sleep a lot. After her morning nap she checks in with all the designers, lick their elbows and play a couple round of ‘Where’s my Konk?’ with them to keep them focused. She usually goes for a quick lunch meeting to the park with Pawel, our Construction Director, to discuss the project progress. She would sleep some more in the afternoon, but if clients are visiting the office she makes an effort to greet them and indicate her preference in any design matter by laying on the samples that are the best fit for the project. “

Dog with her ears on the floor at the office

When you visit Temza’s office, you immediately understand how much a valued member of the team she is: she has her own luminescent sign “JOY” at the entrance and some lurcher head sculptures too. She is a sweet dog and it is quite funny when it offers her belly for a rub and her ears spread on the floor looking enormous.

“No project would be the same without her continued guidance and support, and indeed no office should be without the support of a full-time dog manager, as only this can ensure quality and standard in any industry”, concludes Sonia.

Dog looks out of the window

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s office dog story in the Office Dog Series! 

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