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Monday Office Dog | Dexter Chief Happiness Officer at Perkbox

By August 25, 2017October 16th, 2018One Comment

Dexter is the super energetic Cockapoo who took on the role of Chief Happiness Officer at Perkbox, a company offering employee perks and customer engagement solutions. He has been going to the Perkbox offices for the last year with his owner Sam and his KPIs are stellar!


As soon as you meet Dexter you immediately get where his job title comes from. He is truly a bundle of energy and cheerfulness and he will immediately make you smile. He also has two nicknames, Sausage and D-Man, which couldn’t be more appropriate.

“Dexter was always destined to be Chief Happiness Officer” said Sam. “He’s a real people person. Even on the tube to work, he’s always making friends – and you know how tough a crowd that can be! That’s what makes him such a good fit for an employee engagement company. He’s a great listener and always understands your needs – so long as they involve him being petted.”

Dexter is also known for…

Loving: Employee engagement, playing fetch, peanut butter, cuddles
Hating: People in high visibility jackets (ironic since he has a hi-vis harness)
Funniest habit: Making friends with absolutely everyone
Most annoying habit: Kicking his humans out of bed in the middle of the night copyright

Dexter’s Office Routine

“A typical day for Dexter begins with a team huddle to get our heads in the game – so we don’t end up chasing our tails” said Sam. “After a quick beauty nap, it’s time to share a few selfies with his Twitter friends before tucking into lunch. He’s a big fan of the usual doggy snacks, but he loves sharing a chicken katsu curry with whoever’s offering”.

The word ‘still’ doesn’t seem pertaining to his vocabulary and he is a master of zoomies, but also a relentless worker. “Dexter is no glutton and the team are always clamouring to take him for a post-lunch walk along the Thames. The honour usually goes to whoever gives the best cuddles. In the afternoon, Dexter helps man the phones. He works hard, but he plays harder, and Dexter’s a firm believer in ‘bonding sessions’ at the pub around the corner. The whole team are invited, and he’s never shy with the company card”, Sam recounted.

Perkbox’s Dog Policy

Perkbox has an open dog policy. Dexter was the first to come in on a regular basis, and now he’s joined by Leah, a gorgeous black lab and part-time Partnerships Manager, plus two new starters: Chief Strategy Officer Bolly, an apricot Cockapoo, and Jack, a King Charles Cavalier and proud Director of Client Services.

“Having a dog in the office has had a hugely positive impact on our work. Dexter and his furry friends help create a warm and relaxed environment, which inspires his human teammates to deliver results. During stressful periods, a chin/tailwag with Dexter can really help you refocus” Sam observed.

A curiosity. After he was promoted to CHO, Dexter had an accident right by the CEO’s desk. “Many thought he was in serious trouble, but our boss could tell Dexter was just excited to have his first job!” giggled Sam. Dexter also disappeared during Perkbox’s post-work drinks once. “The team presumed he’d had too much and stumbled home, only to find him behind the bar being fed sausages by his new best friend, the pub’s manager” concluded Sam.

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