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Thursday Office Dog | Charley Pooh head of Dog-Friendly Accomodation

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Champagne Charleeze aka Charley Pooh is the 5 kilos champagne blond Cavapoo (King Charles Cavalier cross Toy Poodle), who heads the ‘Dog-Friendly Accommodation Department’ at London Link Properties, an estate agency in Limehouse, London. She also plays a crucial role in supervising the Canary Woof Dog Show – a Summer fun dog event which was started by her owner, Lesley, two years ago -.


Charley is a very well behaved and sweet girl. She is very confident in her office role and has been going to work with Lesley since she arrived in her life as a puppy, close to 3 years ago.

Lesley explained that, as part of her Head of Dog-Friendly Accommodation Department job, “she understands the challenges relating to developments having pet policies, although we are starting to see change due to pets being recognised as integral members of the family.”

Further, Charley likes campaigning, not only for no pet clauses and dog-friendly accomodation, but also for animal welfare in general. She has a remarkable knowledge of the territory, as required by her role, and also heads up Canary Woof’s website, dedicated to local pooches and their owners.

Charley is also known for

Loving: Her ball, Autumn leaves, the beach and digging
Hating: (/Being not too keen on) big dogs, although her boyfriend is a Burmese Mountain dog call Kai
Funniest habit: Her obsession with autumn leaves.  She loves to play and jump in piles of leaves…. Her precious!
Most annoying habit: Digging!

Charley’s Office Life

“Charley is an absolute pleasure to have in the office. Upon arrival at the office, she greets and shares love with each member of staff”,  said Lesley. “She also meets and greets visitors that come to the office and alerts us when her friends stop for a coffee or a chat in her local café next door. She also lets us know when it’s home-time: the Charley bell says it’s time for playing in the park”.

While at the office, Charley can also be spotted speeding on a mini remote-controlled electric car of hers. Lesley said that she absolutely loves driving around, as she loves the attention people pay to her in such occasions. “I think she feels like a princess”, added Lesley.

“Charley gets a lot of attention from passers by when she sits quietly on my desk and/or when she is whizzing up and down the office in her car or welcoming her little friends to the café next door. She provides us with lots of smiles daily”, recounted Lesley.

Embracing a dog-friendly culture

Lesley explained that Charley has had a very positive impact on the office environment and that, at times, clients may hear her while over the phone and start a conversation around dogs and the benefits they have on people’s lives. About Charley, Lesley added, “Our regular contractors who visit the office enjoy a tummy rub (it’s Charley that get the tummy rub, not the contractor. Although I’m sure they would be open to the suggestion!)”

“We have an open policy towards dogs in the office. More than 50% of our staff own dogs, although they don’t all bring them to the office. Rambo (YorkiePoo) often spends a few hours in the office, as Martin doesn’t always have the support at home. As long as our furry friends are well behaved and not disruptive, they are a pleasure to have in the office.”

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