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Tuesday Office Dog | Captain the Cockapoo at Mother

By December 16, 2016October 16th, 2018No Comments

Captain chair

C aptain, the Cockapoo, is one of the office dogs at Mother, a leading creative agency with headquarters in Shoreditch. She posed as Tuesday’s dog for our Office Dogs Week!

Captain goes to work with her owner Chris nearly every day, while other times she joins Chris’ wife at her office. “Every morning she wakes me up when she jumps onto our bed,” said Chris. “She’s been coming in with me for over a year. As soon as she was aloud out of the house. I love that I can bring Captain with me. I couldn’t have her if not. Plus having dogs in the office make it feel more like home.”


Captain gets a lot of exercise. In fact, her and Chris walk for over an hour to get to work every morning. Chris describes her as a very playful, affectionate and lovely “little thing”. “Captain is a really little one, quite a bit shorter than both of her parents, but she has loads and loads of energy. She can jump about 4 times her height. When she was a tiny puppy we had a baby-gate that she could clear no problem. She’s a strange mix of really confident and super shy. Complicated lady,” continued Chris.

However, at the office, Captain looks like a quite laid back gal. She is super friendly and very comfortable in front of the camera too, especially when you have chicken with you!

“[When at the office,] mostly she follows me around. She might curl up on her bed under my desk or sit on my lap in meetings. We had a couple of accidents when she was really young, and that was a little embarrassing. There are a couple of dog whisperers in my office, and she goes crazy for them, especially Meredith. A couple of times she’s spotted Meredith and sprinted, un-invited, into meetings.”

captain with dob

Apart from Captain, quite a few other dogs benefit from Mother’s dog-friendly policy. For example, you can find Rocco the Lhasa Apso at the reception: he is so much part of the company that he even got a profile on the ‘People’ section on Mother’s website!

“I think dogs have always been part of the culture at Mother” noted Chris, “There are always a couple of dogs here, sometimes maybe 4 or 5 but it’s a big building.”


Asked about the 3 things Chris loves most about having a dog around in the office, he said: “Firstly, I think they help to create a calmer environment, difficult meetings are no where near as tense when Captain’s there. Secondly, having Captain in the office is a really good way of keeping perspective. She doesn’t care about tight deadlines or budgets. Finally, it’s just ace to have your best mate with you all the time!”


You will find more pictures of Captain on The Londog’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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