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In the The Londog’s latest blogpost I talked about ten tips to prevent dog loss. What if you lost your dog? Reacting quickly increases your chances to reunite with your pooch. And having a handy guide and knowing where to start, instead of beginning to look for the relevant phone numbers from scratch, would save you precious time! For this reason I put together a list of handy contact details for you I will share with you in this blog post.

In the first part of the post you will find some general phone numbers and websites of organisations, while in the second I collected the relevant contacts for each London borough.

Who to call to report you lost a dog

  1. The database your dog microchip is registered with. If you registered with Petlog, you can use your online account to report the loss of your dog immediately, or you can call 01296 336 579 (24/7 service). Have your Petlog ID number with you.
  2. Dog wardens: to locate the competent authority you can use the research mask available on Directgov here; phone numbers of dog wardens can also be found on www.animalwardens.co.uk, although, I have checked them for London and some of them where not the best or accurate ones.
  3. SDK Environmental Ltd (contractor) within the areas marked in the maps on their webpage.
  4. Dog charities and rescue centres: The Dogs Trust (find your local centre here), Blue Cross, RSPCA (search for your local RSPCA here), Wood Green, The Mayhew Animal Home (Kensal Green, London).
  5. If within the M25 motorway (Greater London) always contact also Battersea Lost Dogs & Cats Line: phone No. 020 7627 9245 (Monday – Sunday, 8am to 6pm) or online form
  6. Dog Lost: phone No. 0844 800 3220, email admin@doglost.co.uk, you can also pre-register on www.doglost.co.uk
  7. Veterinaries in your area: to find the names and phone numbers of your local vets you can use the Royal College of Veterinary Services’ search function or websites such as Yell.com.
  8. Dog Theft Action:  phone N.o 0771 6603403, or online form

Websites where to search for your lost dog

London | Lost Dog Key Contacts


London is divided in 33 Boroughs. Generally speaking, each Borough’s Council takes care of stray dogs in the area through its own dog warden or some contractor. This means that if your dog goes missing in London, the best thing is to contact the relevant office in the borough were you lost your dog as well as in the surrounding ones (since it could have  trespassed).

Barking & Dagenham




  • Dog Warden Service – Lost and found dogs phone No: 0208 937 5252
  • The Mayhew Animal Home in Kensal Green – Found dog phone No.  0208 969 0178, out of office hours 07903 186920


  • Lost dogs phone No. 0300 303 8657- out of office hours No. 08444 828 346 (5.00pm – 8.30am and weekends)
  • fax 020 8313 4450
  • Email: ehts.customer@bromley.gov.uk
  • Stray and lost dogs webpage (also indicating fees)


  • Lost and found dogs 020 7974 4444  Stray Dog Service (Camden Council)
  • Fax 020 7974 6955
  • Online form to report a stray dog
  • Council’s relevant webpage

City of London

No information available (will provide information as soon as I get confirmation)


  • Dog Warden – Lost and found dogs Phone No. 020 8726 6200 (between 9am and 4pm, option 3 for customer service advisers, who will inform the dog warden), out of office hours 020 8726 6000
  • Email: doginfo@croydon.gov.uk
  • Council’s relevant webpage, where you can find all information including charges, protocols and advice


  • Lost and found dogs phone No. 020 8825 6000
  • The Council also recommends you call the Battersea Cats and Dogs Home line and you check www.lostdogsuk.co.uk


  • Dog Collection Service – Lost and found dogs phone No. 0781 551 2833 (Mon-Fri 7am-10pm; Sat-Sun 10am-8pm)
  • Council’s relevant webpage, including information on fees


  • Found dogs: stray dog collection service phone No. 020 8921 8130 (this is the direct number of the outsourced dog collection service; if you call the borough on 020 892 18157 they will transfer your call to this same number)
  • To look for your lost dog check SDK Environment Ltd contractor’s website here and call the Battersea Lost Dogs and Cats Line 020 7627 9245 (8am-8pm, 7 days a week)
  • Council’s webpage about stray and lost dogs


  • Lost dogs phone No. 020 8356 6688 (9am-5pm) Animal Welfare Services, out of office hours No. 020 8356 2500 (5pm-9am)
  • Email: info@hackney.gov.uk
  • Council’s relevant webpage

Hammersmith & Fulham

  • Environmental Protection Lost dogs phone No. 020 8753 1081 , out of office hours 020 8748 8588
  • also call the Lost Dogs & Cats Line, operated by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, 0901 477 8477
  • also call the The Mayhew Animal Home 020 8969 0178, info@mayhewanimalhome.org , https://themayhew.org/
  • Email: environmentalprotection@lbhf.gov.uk
  • Relevant council’s webpage
  • (unavailable: Protocols for sized dogs http://www.lbhf.gov.uk/Directory/Environment_and_Planning/Animal_health_and_welfare/Dogs/90098_Dogs.asp#0)




  • Lost and found dogs: 01708 432777, out of office hours 01708 433999
  • Council’s relevant webpage, including information on charges


  • Lost dogs: 03444 828 346 or 01895 250155  SDK
  • Council’s relevant webpage, including information on charges


  • Lost Dogs phone No. 020 8583 2000 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm or 4.45pm on Fridays), alternative No. 020 8583 5555, out of office hours 020 8583 2222    Animal Control Team
  • Email: animalwarden@hounslow.gov.uk
  • Council’s relevant webpage


Lost dogs: 020 7974 5976 , out of office hours 07825 098947

Kensington & Chelsea

  • Lost dogs: animal warden 020 7361 3001
  • Residents can register their dog with the Dog Registration Scheme
  • Council’s relevant webpage
  • Call also the Battersea Lost Dogs and Cats Line

Kingston upon Thames

  • Lost and found dogs 020 8547 5002 (weekdays 9am to 5pm), out of office hours 07886 498 003 or 01932 844 213
  • Council’s relevant webpage


  • Lambeth Animal Welfare Services
  • Lost dogs: 020 7926 8860, out of office hours 0207 926 1000 (i.e. Monday-Friday 5pm-8am and at any time during the weekend & bank holidays)
  • Council’s relevant webpage


  • Animal Welfare
  • Lost dogs: 020 8314 2098


  • Enforcement Team: 020 8545 3170 Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm (except bank holidays), out of office hours 08444 996 063
  • Council’s relevant webpage


  • Lost dogs: 020 8586 9739
  • also call the Battersea Dogs and Cats Line
  • Email: Animal.Welfare@newham.gov.uk (provide your name, address, contact details and full description of your lost dog)
  • Council’s relevant webpage
  • Charges for reclaiming your dog


  • Stray Dog Service phone No. 08444 828321 (8.30am – 5pm Monday to Friday),  08444 828346 any other time including weekends and Public Holidays
  • Stray dog policy

Richmond upon Thames

  • Lost dogs service: in partnership with the London Borough of Wandsworth Animal Welfare Team phone No. 020 8871 7606, our of office hours 020 8871 7490 from 9pm to 7am and weekends and holidays
  • Email: dogcontrol@wandsworth.gov.uk
  • Council’s relevant webpage, including information on charges


  • Lost dogs phone No. 0800 952 4444 (Mon-Fri 8am -5pm, including Bank holidays)
  • Council’s relevant webpage


  •  Council contact centre (09.00am to 17.00pm) 0208 770 500: I called and I was told that you have to select the ‘Residential Protection’ option and you will be then referred to their contractor
  • or London Wildcare (09.00am to 17.00pm) 0208 773 0632
  • Council’s relevant webpage

Tower Hamlets

Waltham Forest

  • Lost/stray dogs can be reported on 020 8496 3000
  • Council’s relevant webpage


  • Online form for reporting a lost dog
  • same of Richmond: phone No. 020 8871 7606, our of office hours 020 8871 7490. I got to voicemail, which said that, for urgent matters, the officer on duty can be reached on 07860 534733
  • Email: dogcontrol@wandsworth.gov.uk


  • Council’s relevant webpage
  • check with the contractor www.lostdogsuk.co.uk
  • Animal Warden (contact details are currently missing on the relevant webpage): I called the Council on 020 7641 2000 to enquire about the relevant phone number and I was told that their dog warden does not take care of collecting stray dogs (only of aggressive dogs etc.) and that the body to contact would be the RSPCA.
Methodology note

I searched for the contacts for each London borough on their official websites. Then I checked the numbers against the ones reported on www.animalwardens.co.uk and called the ones which were not matching or were missing, to find out the correct phone number to call. I did my best to have all accurate, however, in case you find any inaccuracy/ out-of-date information/broken link, please feel free to contact me at any time. Also, if you would like to share any out-of-London contact details or information, I will be really glad to add them to the post. Thanks for reading!

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