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London dogs working from home | Week 2

By April 4, 2020No Comments

London dog working from home

Another working week has gone and London dogs are still very much enjoying working from home! So let’s hear from them about their experiences this week.

London dogs working from home Week 2


From beloved office dog at a digital marketing company in Shoreditch to WFH video-conferencing star.

“My name is Matty and I usually go to work every day with my mum to a digital marketing company called Brainlabs in Old Street. My mum is a software engineer, which I assume is something to do with making me biscuits as she is always saying words like cookies and mega-bite (nom)! My role at Brainlabs is Head of Cuddles & Licks, which I take very seriously. Since the pandemic I have been fur-longed, which is good as I hate going to the groomers. Mum has been working from home which I love. My top things are:

  • Extra lie-ins and snuggles every morning with mum
  • Zoomies on Zoom: getting to stay in touch with my pals via video call everyone loves it when I join the meetings. I even got to say hello to my office doggy pal Bryn the other day, it was a little confusing, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • Getting to lie on the sofa all day with mum helping her code.”

Matty dog working from home with head on laptopMatty dog working from home with head on lapdog working from home with head on laptopMatty dog working from home with head on laptopMatty dog working from home with head on laptop


Making it a lifegoal to entertain students.

“I was offered a teaching assistant job recently and I have been working with my mum from home this week. My mum is a teacher and her job is to post resources online and mark students’ work. My job is to distract the students when mum is calling them, playing ball in the background and going toilet in every lesson. It has been great so far. The best things about working from home are:

  • I can be with my mum all day
  • I get to play more often
  • I can speak to many new people as every time there is an incoming call – I need to bark to say hello.”

Black dog on bed


From stay-at-home dog with half-week WFH duties, to full-on 5-day WFH doggie – missing his dog walker and doggie socialisation. 

“My role is very important, I join every work call my mum and dad make, it’s very important that I am there to cheer them on. I wish they could coordinate better as I can’t be in two places at once. Routine it very important, so between my 2 daily walks where I exercise the parents separately we work on their hand-eye coordination and ball throwing skills, I hope to improve their throw during isolation! Overall we’re adapting well to the new isolation life and we all aim to work on our napping before and after yoga!”

Dog working from home puts head on papers


From emotional support trainee with a view to sit on selected sessions at House of Self Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching to pampered house dog.

“Working from home has been quite strange if I’m completely honest as I have no idea what is actually going on. There has been a significant increase in home photoshoots. My mums keep putting me in front of laptops and phones, saying things like “Look up, quick, here boy, you just got promoted to BRANCH manager” and then laughing hysterically together. Strange. WFH for me, has meant an increase in treat distribution, watching Pets2 almost every day and jumping in on video calls as and when. I’ve also discovered the Pets at Home site. Well, that’s bad news for everyone isn’t it… they see me scrolling, they hating …”

Small dog on sofa looking at screenBailey

From well-travelled working pooch to WFH wizard.

“My absolute favourite thing about working from home is my mum is ALWAYS around. ALWAYS. Sometimes when I’m napping on the sofa, I peek my eyes open just to make sure I’m not dreaming and it’s true, she’s still there! Second favourite thing, she lets me join her work calls and people are SO excited to see me, they’re waving and smiling, it’s great! They even ask my opinion! I tell them they’re doing a great job, well done. And finally, we may have one walk a day, but it’s a damn good walk along the canal where I can say hi to my duck friends! Life is kind of perfect right now.”

Dog stares at laptop

Stay safe and have a good weekend!


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