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3-day John Rogerson CSI Course (Murder, Fun, Mystery & your dog)

Fri 24 May 2019 | 9:00 am - Sun 26 May 2019 | 4:00 pm

John Rogerson training course, Rally Working Trials

From Friday 24th May to Sunday 26th May 2019 join John Rogerson – 3 day CSI course (Murder, Fun, Mystery & your dog) in Loose (near Maidstone), Kent. John’s CSI course from last year proved so popular that this year Family Dog Services will run a similar course and extend it to 3 days. This will be one of the last opportunities to train with John in the UK so do not miss out.

Have you always dreamed of becoming Sherlock Holmes? Well, dream no more, join Kents canine crime scene investigation course and let John Rogerson, one of the world’s leading canine trainers and behaviourists, guide you on the finer aspects of training a dog to solve a crime .
Are you up to the challenge? Do you have it in you to become Sherlock Bones? And train a dog to become Dr. ‘Paw’son? Then take up the gauntlet and read on.

Ever wanted to know the secrets of how to train your dog (or any dog) to be a canine detective? Dogs have some senses that are far superior to our own and this course looks at the ways that they can be trained to assist us in a variety of ways such as:
Tracking down a suspect over long distances and recovering evidence on the way.
Detecting illegal substances such as drugs or firearms.
Searching for a missing person on open ground.
Finding a person under a collapsed building.
This part of the course will teach dogs to follow a human scent from a known location in order to recover evidence and find a suspect’s escape route.
This will involve teaching the dogs to find a suspect hiding on open ground using air scent.
Search and Rescue
This is similar to searching, but also addresses locations where the missing person is inaccessible to the dog such as under a collapsed building.
Body location
Teaching a dog to locate a concealed dead human body.
Detection work
This is where we teach dogs to find and indicate on substances such as drugs and firearms. *note that we use genuine firearms OR drug scents but do not use actual firearms or drugs – only the scent!
Basic obedience
This includes coming when called, walking properly on a lead, sit and down stay, and retrieving.
Advanced obedience
Including control at a distance, directional control and send away

On this unique course you will learn how to train a dog to do many of these things as well as learning handling and observation skills.
The course lasts for 3 days, you’ll be training your dog to carry out many of the above exercises. On the final day you will work with a team to try and solve a murder mystery using all of the canine skills that you and your chosen dog will have learned on the course.

You can either bring your own dog, or a friend’s dog that is not reactive to other dogs or people. Dogs must be at least six months of age and physically fit (not overweight). This course is designed to show you how to train a dog to a standard that you would not have thought possible but it is not a course that addresses either dog to dog aggression or dog to people aggression so your chosen dog MUST be fine around other dogs and people.
There will be no bite work training or guard dog training taught on this course.

John Rogerson, founder and principal lecturer of the Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour is now widely acclaimed as the world’s leading dog trainer and behaviourist, having pioneered the majority of techniques that have now become standard practice in behaviour therapy and training. John is the author of no fewer than eight books, has produced two DVDs and has run courses on training and behaviour for numerous dog related organizations worldwide
John should need no introduction to anyone currently engaged in the study of canine behaviour and training as he is one of the most sought after speakers on the subject in the world today.
John is a founder member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, is the founder of Support Dogs and a founder member of the Kennel Club accreditation scheme for dog trainers and behaviourists.

The course runs from 9.30am until around 4.00pm with very little time to do anything other than talk about dogs eat and sleep! Sounds fun? It is!
So what do you need to join? Do you need a degree in forensics? Be able to shoot straight or run like the wind? Nah. You just need some prior experience in training; a basic understanding of how a dog thinks, some handling experience, a huge amount of enthusiasm, the ability to get along with others and work in a small team, and… nerves of steel.
This training course is like no other – can you handle the challenge? Yes? Then sign up today and don’t forget to bring along your thinking hat – you’ll need it!

Please note, this course is not intended for law enforcement officers as it is a fun mystery course designed to create new ideas for running dog training classes where there’s a real purpose and end result to the training. Cost £270 for 3 days.

Email john@familydogservices.co.uk to book your place

Description by the organisers

If you wish to read about other fun courses by John Rogerson we previously attended, read this blog post.


Fri 24 May 2019 | 9:00 am
Sun 26 May 2019 | 4:00 pm


Family Dog Services


Maidstone, Kent ME15 0HY + Google Map

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