#LondogsFurJobs: Postal Museum’s VaCatcy (& why cats shouldn’t have it all)

In August this year, the Postal Museum announced a “Vacatcy Postal Museum Puss”: they were in search for 12 volunteer cat mousers to take up the role until September 2018, in honour of Tibs the Great, the last great Post Office cat. The ongoing selection is held monthly and opened to all willing felines… but we thought, what about dogs? We strongly felt that equal opportunities needed to be restored, so this is our response!

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Chiswick House Dog Show 2017: A Dog Digest

The 2017 edition of the Chiswick House Dog Show was held on Sunday 24th September and was a great success! To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the publication of the first Sherlock Holmes story by Conan Doyle, the theme of the show was inspired to the world of detectives (and Sherlock Bones). Comperes wore deerstalker caps and the fancy dress category was entered by many dog detectives!

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Canary Woof: Let Summer Fun Begin!

Last Sunday took place the 2017 edition of the Canary Woof dog show, starting off another fabulous Summer month full of fun dog event around London. Last year it was of the first shows I covered on the blog, so I was very keen to meet this year’s contendants of the fun classes.

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The Inner Temple Garden Dog Show: a Gardener-Dog bond celebration

The Inner Temple Dog Show, celebrating the bond between Gardener and Dog, was held last Sunday in the beautiful scenery of Inner Temple Garden, as part of the Chelsea Fringe. For once we didn’t just go and take photos of the event, but also entered some classes.

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Sci-Fido: the 2017 Dog Cosplay

It’s Sci-Fi-London Film Festival week and who said that humans deserve all the fun?! Sci-Fi-London, Dogstar Photo and Doug’s Dogs teamed up and organised the fourth edition of Sci-Fido, the dog cosplay! This year it was held at Juju’s Bar, in the Old Truman Brewery, and was a wonderful day for the greatest dogs in the galaxy!

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