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How to support The Londog and come with us on dog adventures

By April 24, 2019No Comments
Cristina and Argo the dog of The Londog dog blog


If you are reading this post – unless you read The Londog to be amused by non-native speaker grammar mistakes -, chances are that you have a furry one in your life, you love exploring new places and doing things with our canine half, and hopefully you are scrolling this page because you have previously found some useful inspiration in blogs featured on The Londog.

Today I have a little announcement to make, I will speak openly about the blog’s current stage, tell you where it is headed and ask if you want to come along for the ride. The summary is in this 2-minute video, otherwise keep reading.

The Londog needs your support

You may not know this (I often receive emails of people assuming that The Londog has a big team and resources), but behind the blog it’s actually just myself, Cristina, with my rescue dog Argo, and The Londog is currently a mostly self-funded project (i.e. coverd by my own savings), apart from the occasional sponsored posts and cents from affiliations.

I hate display ads and pop-ups and assume you do too, so a long ago I committed to keeping The Londog free of those annoying ads. Also, I want to keep The Londog independent, being extremely selective with sponsored content and keeping this at a low.

However, while we are all used to consume for free blogs, newsletter, photos and more, they cost money to who creates them. There are web-hosting fees, plug-ins, softwares and equipment to pay for and replace, webmasters who help maintaining the website and fix glitches, newsletter fees that grow with the growth of the email list, the costs of taking part in adventures that are later reviewed, and so on. It is ridiculous how expenses soon start adding up.

Dog and woman on beachResearching and writing the blog is something that I utterly enjoy and I hope to continue to do for a long time. But as The Londog continues to grow on a monthly basis, it needs a way to sustain itself. And the way I want it to be sustainable is a way in which it can stay true and independent, while having the resources to improve more and more.

You can become a Patron and come with us on dog adventures and more

For this reason I have just launched a Patreon page. Patreon is a platform which allows you to support your favourite creators by giving them a monthly amount, and in return gain access to different rewards, a sort of Kickstarter for creators, with a monthly pledge.

You can support The Londog and make a difference by becoming a Patron today, for as little as less than a Oyster single fare amonth, getting access to a number of exclusive rewards, including:

  • coming on dog adventures with us and having your dog photographed and featured on the blog,
  • receiving digital copies of the photos we shoot,
  • getting my help to organise your own dog-friendly getaway, experience, birthday
  • and more: discover all the rewards on our Patreon page and become the first to support The Londog.

The first 15 Patrons will also receive a limited edition postcard with one of my favourite photos and a personalised thank you in the post next month.

Argo and I hope you’ll join us and become part of this vision! Thank you for your support, no matter how small, you can give.

Love, Cristina

Become a Patron button

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