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Friday Office Dog | MishMish from Funzing UK

By July 9, 2018October 11th, 2018No Comments

Mishmish office dog shar pei

Boasting more wrinkles than Michelin Tyre Man and the softness of a marshmallow… her name is Mishmish and she is the newest addition of Funzing UK’s team. She acts as office dog in a young online community events sharing business and her story wraps up the 10th edition of the Office Dog Series.


Office dog Funzing UK

Mishmish the Shar Pei is only a puppy and she has already become Funzing’s cute mascotte. Her days at the office started when she was 4 months old. She may be the CEO’s dog, but at the office she is well looked after by a super keen nanny, Jess, who works in the PR team. “Mishmish is a bubbly, stubborn but completely loving pooch”, she says. “She loves being the centre of attention and her favourite snack is gravy bites. She’s very cheeky and a little bit too smart. She loves sunbathing and riding on the bus because everyone gives her attention.”

Mishmish is also known for…

Loving: Gravy bites
Hating: Plastic bottles
Funniest habit: Snoring super loud
Most annoying habit: Dribbling
Most famous episode: When Greg James ran over to her to take selfies (very backwards indeed)

At the office

Shar pei office dog London

At the office Mishmish tends to sit and play next to Jess, where she has her bed and toys. She is loved for her wrinkles and cheekiness and there is no doubt that she gives everyone their dose of daily laughter.

Her encounter with Greg James seems to have been a great hit everyone in the office still chats about (as usual, I had to Google him to have a clue of who he was, so in case you need a hint too, he is an English radio DJ, television presenter and author, host of the drivetime show on BBC Radio 1).

She also started to be protagonist of some fun office adventures on her Instagram (you can follow her at @mishmishfun) and if you notice the locations she registered at, they are always the most improbable and funny ones (like Sausage City, Rolls Park, Time for Bed, etc).

Office dog Funzing UK Mishmish

“Mishmish sums up the dog culture. She totally rules the office, she may be only 6 months old but the Funzing office well and truly belongs to her”, explains Jess.

But if you visit the office remember one golden rule…. “Know that she rules the office, be prepared to be dribbled on and don’t take your eye off of her for longer than a minute, because she will eat anything!” concludes Jess.

And Mishmish’s story wraps up this edition of the Office Dog Series!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for next edition, coming soon on the blog!

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