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Take your Dog Out for a “Dogtail” at Smith & Whistle & Max

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Pug sitting on a stool at dog-friendly bar London

April is the Pet National Month, so Smith & Whistle (renamed Smith & Whistle & Max for the occasion, in honour of the most popular dog name) have launched a special “dogtail” menu for pampered pooches. We are already over 20 days into April, so you may want to hurry and make the most of the initiative by this dog-friendly bar in London to celebrate in style.

Smith & Whistle dog-friendly bar

Pug on the counter of the bar while barman prepares cocktails

Bella the pug

On Saturday 7th April we popped over at Smith & Whistle & Max to join Evie and Bella the pugs for their “Very Important Pet” party (sponsored by dog food brand Nineteen87).

Pug royal on stool at dogtail bar in Mayfair

Albert the pug

Just steps away from Green Park, Smith & Whistle is the bar of the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane, in Mayfair. With its elegant retro decorations and beutiful copper walls, it is not difficult to forget about the busy roads of the Big Smoke and feel like in another epoque. And the fact that you can bring your dog with you completes the magic.

At the dog party we met some 20 dogs. Pugs, Dachshunds, Cocker Spaniels, Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, mutts and more. All enjoying each other’s company, dogtails and the bowls of water Smith & Whistle’s lovely staff had placed around in the bar for them.

The “Dogtails”

Cocker with the dogtails menu at the bar


The “dogtails” menu includes four mixes, approved by a dog nutritionist (although owners are advised to check their dogs’ allergies and to feed to their dogs at own risk). These are:

  1. HOUND’S HOPS: A blend of specially brewed dog beer and fresh mint (£6.50)
  2. BUBBLY BOW WOW: ‘Pawsecco’ herbal infusion using elderflower, linden blossom and ginseng topped with blueberries (£6.50)
  3. G&T – GINGER TAILS: A herby tonic with a touch of ginger (not recommended for puppies under 4 months) (£5)
  4. POOCHIE COLADA:  A refreshing blend of coconut water, kale and broccoli to help with keeping coats glossy and joints healthy (£5)

We didn’t bring Argo along for the occasion, so we didn’t test any of the dogtails in first (furry) person – and wouldn’t have done it anyway due to his sensitive stomach -, but we got some feedback. Apparently, the most popular dogtail on the day was the Poochie Colada: a green mixture which came in large bowls for the dogs to lick. Many dogs were enthusiastic of it.

Sausage dogs with paws on the table at the bar

Mildred the Sausage and her little friend

If the idea of a dogtail sounds like humanising your dog a tad too much, you can always go for human drinks and just take your dog with you. Then, in case you are looking for some more complete inspiration for your dog day out, these are a couple of ideas:

For the adventurous dog. Have a run at Hyde Park until you are worn out, before heading to the dog-friendly bar for a refreshing drink.

For the (small) chic dog. Go shopping with your human at one of the dog-friendly department stores in the vicinity, before taking your time and relax at Smith & Whistle.

Pomeranian dog at dogtail bar in London

E N J O Y !

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