Dog bath games & Bonnie and Bailey organic dog shampoo test

When Bonnie & Bailey‘s crew got in touch asking whether we would have been keen to test their dog shampoo, I finally felt time had come to give Argo a good bath after our Summer adventures. Bath day was scheduled on a wonderful sunny weekend (with Murphy’s law hitting the nail on the head just a couple of days later, lavishing copious rainshowers).

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Our Butternut Box trial and fast eating challenge: who won?

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Kevin, co-founder of dog food brand Butternut Box, who proposed us to test their dog food. Argo was of course totally overjoyed about the perspective! From my side, at first I  was a bit concerned because of his quite sensitive stomach and allergies (it took us well over a year to find a dog food that he was ok with), but already after having a look at Butternut Box’s website and browsing though their (human grade!) ingredients I felt that it was definitely worth a try.

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3 Christmas present ideas that give back


Christmas time has finally come. Regent’s street lights are on, Harrod’s and Selfridges’s windows are decorated, shops have all christmassy bric-a-brac that you can possibly imagine. This also means that it is time to start looking for presents. And what best way to do it than finding some awesome products which also give back? Being passionate about dogs, of course you can go for the ones supporting a dog charity.

Three brands which give part of their profits from certain collections to dog charities caught my attention. I am sure that you will gain some good ideas for your Christmas shopping from this post, just as I did!

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