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Dog-friendly Rooftops in East London: A Summer Guide

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Dog-friendly rooftops in East London

The nice and warmer weather is hopefully coming back and finger crossed it will come to stay. So if you love open air, breathtaking views and involving your dog in your social life, you will be excited to know that here are a few rooftops that allow you bring your pooch along! We put together a mini-guide about dog-friendly rooftops in East London to share with you our insights. And more will be added to the list.

Dog-friendly rooftops in East London

The Culpeper’s green dog-friendly rooftop

Dog at The Culpeper rooftop in London

Between Aldgate and Spitafields there is The Culpeper, a very unique pub and restaurant, which has a lovely rooftop. Dogs are allowed on the “Piculpeper” rooftop – which is a little green paradise with a cucumber/pickle theme – as well as in the pub (but not in the restaurant or in the bedrooms). There are no restrictions in terms of dog size/breed and no hours limitations either, so you can visit the rooftop with your furry friend whenever convenient during its opening hours (see below). Booking is not required if you want to bring your dog, but since it gets quite busy, it is highly recommended.

Among the dog-friendly rooftops we visited, the Culpeper’s has been my absolute favourite, maybe because there are so many plants that you feel in a peaceful oasis. I love that from the rooftop you can see the Gherkin and the Culpeper adopted its very own resident gherkin totem “to celebrate the power of the pickle in physical form for all of East London to see”. Furthermore, there are cucumber-shaped cushions and lots of real cucumber plants grown on the rooftop too, along herbs and other plants! It is such a cosy secret vegetable garden that you would almost expect to see Peter Rabbit peeking out any minute. If you are curious, you can learn about the Culpeper’s awesome philosophy that is behind its rooftop growing (you can read all about it on their webpage – at the bottom).

I would recommend it for a weekend brunch with your dog, when it is not crowded.

Where: 40 Commercial Street (E1 6LP)
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 10:30pm;  Sunday: 11am – 10pm
Dog restrictions on the rooftop: None.
Music volume: Music is played from a small speaker at the rooftop bar, but not in the outdoor area, as confirmed by the Culpeper, so no concern for dogs!

Netil 360 (and resident rooftop dog Tres)

Dog at Netil360 dog-friendly rooftop

Netil 360 rooftop is located just around the corner from London Fields, which makes it the ideal destination for post-stroll refreshments. Well-behaved dogs are welcome and Netil 360 has even got a resident rooftop dog: the very friendly 11-year old mutt Tres, who roams free to greet guests! For this reason, Netil 360 advises that, if your dog is not the social type, you keep him/her on a lead and under control at all times.

In the terrace area, there is a fake lawn flooring, cushions and sofas, and from the rooftop you have a view of the skyscrapers of the city (though quite far away) and the metal gasometers remains by the Regents Canal.

Where: 1 Westgate St, London Fields (E8 3RL)
When: Wednesday and Sunday: 12-10pm; Thursday-Saturday: 12-11pm
Dog restrictions: Dogs that are not friendly with other dogs to be kept on lead and under control at all times.
Music volume: We visited it on a weekend’s mid afternoon and we found that music was playing from a few speakers on the rooftop. Unless you stood under a speaker, the volume was not too loud. The team of Netil360 told us: “We do on occasions have DJ’s and the music does get a little louder but never too much for dogs, but that being said when it gets too busy (specially on sunny weekend days around 6/7pm) then it might be a ‘sensory overload’ for dogs. This is actually around the time Tres makes a dash for the park and then home!”

Skylight London (croquet and dogs)

Dog at Skylight London rooftop

The Skylight London has finally re-opened last week! While last year we we weren’t lucky with the weather, this time around we managed to pop by with Argo on a nicer day to check it out.

Apart from drinks and food, Skylight London offers some fun activities: croquet, pétanque and football fun. However, although it is open Thurs/Fri: 5pm-11pm, Sat/Sun: 12-11pm, the management confirmed that dogs are only allowed during the day until 6pm, which basically leaves you with the weekend option (unless you want to rush there for one hour on the other two days from 5 to 6pm). To me, this dog restriction sounds absolutely reasonable, considered that in the evenings the place becomes quite crowded and there are DJs and music playing on all floors, which would be quite unconfortable for a dog.

When we visited the Skylight, Argo was a bit worried about the noise coming from the football area: the ball was kicked against a panel on which are projected images of a football pitch, next to the entrance and closed on three sides: from behind the panel, you hear the noise but can’t work out the source.

Where: Tobacco Dock | Wapping
When / Dog Restrictions: Dogs are only allowed only during the day, Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm. This year Skylight will not close after the Summer, but will stay open with an all-new Autumn (and Winter) season(s).
Music volume and others: Music is playing from speakers on the rooftop. Your dog may be worried by the noise of the balls hitting walls/hurdles.

Other dog-friendly rooftops not open to the public

Ace Hotel Shoreditch’s Rooftop

Frenchie at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch rooftop

We personally love the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. Apart from having a very elegant rooftop bar, from which you can enjoy a stunning view of the city, they are super dog-friendly. In fact, they allow dogs of any size not just in the hotel rooms (with a number of perks), but also at the restaurant and at the rooftop bar. Last year they even hosted some dog events, including the Dog Eat Dog II canine catwalk. Until recently, they had a resident hotel dog called Pofi, who we interviewed within our Office Dog Series. Unfortunately, the Rooftop is not generally open to the public, so you will be able to enjoy it only if you are staying at the hotel or get the chance to attend a RSPV event open to outsider guests.

Where: 100 Shoreditch High Street, Shoreditch
Open to: Guests and RSPV events

Curtain Hotel’s Lido

Also The Curtain hotel has a resident hotel dog, who is very appropriately called Shoreditch. The hotel is dog-friendly (no dog size discriminations are made) and has a wonderful rooftop restaurant and bar (that has a luxurious heated outdoor pool too), the Lido. This is strictly open to hotel guests and Curtain private club members only.

Where: 45 Curtain Rd, Shoreditch (EC2A 3PT)
Open to: Guests and Curtain private club members

London rooftops not allowing dogs

Many rooftops do not allow dogs. Just to give a few examples, you won’t be able to take your pooch to The Boundary nor to the Queen of Hoxton in the East End, as confirmed with the staff. If you move towards the city, you won’t be luckier at the One New Change rooftop terrace in St. Paul either, where ‘no dogs’ is sadly the policy.

To be honest, some rooftops may not be the most appropriate place for a dog anyway in the evenings: loud music, crowded spaces, not much to enjoy for a pooch. However, it would be lovely to see more places turning dog-friendly at least during daytime hours.

At least you can visit one of the lovely dog-friendly ones in this post!

Do you know of any other dog-friendly rooftop you think we should visit and add to the list? Drop us a line.

In the meantime, we wish you sunshine and dog fun!

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