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Dancing dogs at Belgravia Dog Show 2018

By June 24, 2018No Comments

Freddie the cockapoo posing with Belgravia Dog Show 2018 sign

This weekend was one of the busiest for the dogs of London, with over 15 dog events to choose from in town. Having missed last year’s edition, on Saturday it was time to head over to the Belgravia Dog Show and see what it was all about.

Belgravia Dog Show

Belgravia Dog Show 2018

A large tent with green carpet and a competition ring, a doggie dance floor, stalls, a curated the lawn outside with barbeque, drinks and more stalls, all hidden in the heart of the beautiful Belgrave Square.

Belgravia Dog Show 2018

Among the stalls, there were luxury dog accessories’ brand Teddy Maximus, Hugo & Celine’s Swedish doggie ice cream, By Benji biltong dog treats, Bridget Davey photography, and many more. The Dogs Trust was also present with their stalls and they had some very cute photos of  dogs looking for a forever home. Finally, we met Anneka Svenska, who there interviewing rescue dogs for her programme. Apart the barbeque and drinks stalls, a very appreciated thing was the complimentary ice cream offered by Chestertons!

Belgravia Dog Show 2018

Belgravia Dog Show 2018 Freddie at the barbeque

Freddie checks out the Barbeque at the Smoking Beetle

Fun dog show and doggie disco

The Belgravia Dog Show was sponsored by estate agency Chestertons and in aid of the Dogs Trust. Dog owners could choose among six great fun dog show categories: dog with the waggiest tail, dog with the prettiest eyes, best on lead & heels, dog that looks most like his/her owner, best dancing dog and cutest puppy.

Belgravia Dog Show 2018 dog lookalike winner

The winners of the “dog that looks most like his/her owner” category were a lady and (I believe) her tiny black Toy Poodle: she had dressed up in black with a black wig and had fake black curly fur on all edges. For once, it was not the dog to be dressed up, but the other way around, and this was much appreciated and rewarded by the jury.

Belgravia Dog Show 2018 cutest puppy

I finally got to meet the most smiley dog of London: Freddie (on Instagram @freddieposingcockapoo), as well as Miss Darcy and George from Miss Darcy’s Adventures, with their owner May.

Belgravia Dog Show 2018 Freddie Darcy and Georgie

Georgie, Miss Darcy and Freddie

There were some doggie disco sessions in between classes and at the end of the show there was a guy with his little dog improvising a super professional dog dance (the video on our Facebook page). Also May took George and Darcy for a dance and they were also fantastic!

Belgravia Dog Show 2018

All photos from the Belgravia Dog Show 2018 will be available online on The Londog’s Facebook page shortly

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