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Cooling off with your dog at Greenwich Foot Tunnel

By July 14, 2018October 4th, 20192 Comments

Frida the Grenchie dog Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Also this weekend the thermometer is set to record high peaks. Unless you are up for a trip to a dog pond or doggie beach in London, or you want to try the Dog Swimming Gala, here is an idea for keeping cool: taking your dog for a walk underwater in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel!

Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Dog at Island Gardens

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel, which was opened back in 1902, links the Isle of Dogs and Greenwich and provides a great (free) foot alternative to taking public transports to get on the other side of the Thames. It also has a “twin”, the Woolwich Foot Tunnel, a bit more East, opened a few years later and also still in use (which we are planning to visit and tell you about later on the blog).

A few weeks ago, after visiting the Mudchute Park Dog Show, I went for a stroll with Frida the Grenchie (the dog muse of Growlees and Growlmama) and her mum Caroline. It was terribly hot, so it seemed even a better plan to venture underground (or, better, underwater) in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.

dog at Greenwich Foot Tunnel

The entrance to the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is conveniently located just a couple of minutes walk from Island Gardens’ DLR station (just cross the street and head South until you find Island Gardens on the South river bank: the red brick round building hosts the entrance to the tunnel).

To descend to the foot tunnel you can choose between taking a winding staircase or a lift, so you have a convenient step-free route in case you and/or your dog need it! Inside the tunnel there are no steps, but you will walk down and up the slight slope of the tunnel.

Frida dog Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Every time I visited it, the temperature inside the Greenwich Foot Tunnel was absolutely ideally refreshing. Frida was definitely happy about it after all the heat of the day. Despite from what it seems from the photos, many people had the same idea and there was a little crowd walking in the tunnel. We even met cute Louis the Pomeranian, heading towards Greenwich after having taken part in the dog show.

At the Greenwich end of the tunnel there is another lift, in case you don’t fancy some exercise by using the staircase. You don’t need to worry about opening times, because the tunnel is open 24/7 (just check the odd closure dates for maintenance here).

Dog lift Greenwich Foot Tunnel

As soon as you step out there is the lovely view of the Cutty Sark and the lovely Greenwich riverside.

Frida the dog at Greenwich Cutty Sark

A stroll in Greenwich: Dog-friendly Greenwich Market


Once in Greenwich you can explore the village, which is very much dog-friendly. Due to the very hot weather, this time we just ventured to the dog-friendly covered Greenwich Market, where we could enjoy some shade and Frida found a water dog bowl next to a street food stall.

Dog at Greenwich Market

Dog-friendly Isle of Dogs and Canary Wharf

If you are based in South London and decide to take the tunnel in the opposite way, there are plenty of things to discover in Isle of Dogs.

You can visit dog-friendly Mudchute Park and Farm with your dog, meeting the farm animals, walk along the Thames Path up to Sir John McDougall Gardens (which have a dedicated enclosed dog area if you need one), enjoy the view of the skyscrapers in Canary Wharf and also try your luck at the Crossrail Place Roof Garden (we haven’t solved the mistery about its dog policy yet).

E N J O Y!


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  • Growlmama says:

    Thank you so much for the gorgeous pics and for helping us discover the Greenwich tunnel. We had not been to Greenwich for years and were so thrilled to see how fab the market has become!

    • The Londog says:

      Really lovely having a stroll with you and Frida! And her smile is so awesome! Hope to see you very soon!
      X best, Cristina

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