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Online pet shops and businesses open and delivering “as usual”

By April 10, 2020November 9th, 2020No Comments

Dog waiting with bricks backgroundDuring lockdown things can be more complicated, but shopping for your dog is still possible. Physical shops may be shut, but many UK dog stores are still open online and doing deliveries, so why not ditching Amazon for a more ethical alternative, supporting local businesses you love? We pulled together a selection of our favourite pet shops doing deliveries to help navigating these uncertain times.

Online pet shops doing deliveries during lockdown

Dog headshot in bright room

Argo wearing Ralph & co collar (purchased) with Hiro+Wolf bandana (gifted)

For many businesses this moment is not business as usual. Not every business is able to stay open during these times, but there are quite a few that are open for trade. So why not showing them your support by ordering from their shops instead of Amazon-like alternatives? Some pet shops running sales – so great time to shop -, others offer free deliveries for orders above a certain amount. Perhaps deliveries may take a little longer, due to the current situation, but isn’t this the new normal?

Below is a list of our favourites. Is there a shop you love you can’t see in the list? Send their name across and we’ll be glad to add them to the list and give them a shout out!

Collars and leashes

  • Hiro + Wolf – hand-crafted dog and cat accessories including beautiful collars, leashes, bow ties and more. Vibrant colours and ethically sourced materials are Hiro + Wolf’s signature.
  • Vackertass – for classic leather collars and leashes; they also have a refurbishing scheme.
  • Ralph & Co – for classic collars and leashes, mixing leather and other materials, as well as tweed, rope collars.
  • Dogs and Horses – for signature padded leather collars and leashes made in London.
  • Oonalfie – stylish rope collars and matching bracelets for humans.
  • Mungo & Maud

Dog beds

Dog sleeping in his bedDog food

Dry and wet food

  • Forthglade – wet dog food and dry dog food, grain-free, made in Devon. We sometimes order their fish wet food for Argo and have been very happy with the results (very well tolerated by his sensitive stomach!).
  • Beco Pets dog food

Freshly prepared


Dog treats

Other dog essentials

Did you know that dog brand Charley Chau has launched an emergency dog supply store, to help you get your dog essential in one stop?

Poo bags

Talking this opportunity to ask: did you know that many poo bags with the label ‘degradable’ and even ‘biodegradable’ still contain plastic (and may even be worse than the actual plastic bags as they break down in very polluting microplastics)? So if you are looking for a truly green alternative to plastic poo bags, the recommendation is to read more about the product before buying and ensure it is plastic-free. There are cornstarch bags that are 100% environment-friendly on the market, normally these are indicated as ‘compostable bags’, but always check the label.

  • Adios plastic – compostable poo bags (made of cornstarch and other plant-based materials)

Dog toys

Dog health products

  • Viovet – including prescription products

For dog lovers

  • Hoop N Loop – personalised hand-drawn pet embroidery
  • Oonalfie – matching bracelets for humans and collars for dogs

We are going to keep this post updated and add more shops and products. Is there a particular type of product you are looking for? Or a shop you love that you’d like to see included in this post? Let us know below in the comments.

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