Beagle Bonanza, where the beagles roam free!

Saturday 4th March was Beagle Bonanza day at Elmtree Canine Country Club. A pack of 56 beagles answered the call and enjoyed a wonderful time roaming free and taking part to some great doggie activities! Have a sneak peek of the event in this blog post and pencil in the date for the next Beagle Bonanza!

Enyoing a Beagle day out

Elmtree Canine Country Club is a little gem in Crews Hill, Enfield. With fenced play areas, an agility outdoor course, five acres of enclosed woodland, splash pools and an indoor facility, it looks like a place where many dog’s dreams come true.

Apart from their usual dog training activities, the Elmtree Training & Education Centre organises a few fun dog events, the most popular of which is the Beagle Bonanza!

Saturday 4th March’s edition of the Bonanza was a howling success! Starting in the fully enclosed woodland, the pack of 56 overjoyed Beagles participating to the event had a proper blast.

They could roam free, running with their Beagle friends and, to their fine noses’ satisfaction, also track down loads of hidden bone biscuits! Many of the treats were hanging from low tree branches and the Beagles found cunning ways to get at them.

Anywhere you looked you could see a hound running or diving in piles of dry leaves, climbing on logs, chasing other Beagles, howling or greeting the latest arrivals. Truly a Beagle’s heaven!

The second part of the Bonanza took place in one of the fenced lawn play areas and involved a fastest recall class and another treats hunt: the Beagles could make use of their fine sense of smell and get pieces of sausage scattered in a pool full of empty bottles. Treats were literally hoovered and bottles stolen and taken for a lovely trophy-run!

The event was also the occasion for a lovely family day out, with children and people of all ages.

About the Beagle Bonanza

The Beagle Bonanza has been running at Elmtree Canine Country Club for two years with almost monthly cadence, following the great success of its first edition – which was inspired to Buddy the Beagle, an escape artist who had been training at the Centre for a while -. Part of the profits from the event go to dog charity Cyprus Beagles (£2 of the £5 entrance fee), so by participating you also do good to less lucky hounds!

The Bonanza is very popular and there is normally a great turnout of canine friends. “With such a large number of them together the event can get very noisy, because once one of them starts the infamous Beagle howl they all do. We have also witnessed break ins to our agility area and food being stolen left right and centre, you can’t expect anything to be sacred around Beagles, but that’s why we love them!” said Danielle from Elmtree.

Why a Beagle Bonanza

Beagles are renowned for doing runners when they are off lead, due to their keen sense of smell, and, once a Beagle’s nose gets working, it is almost always impossible for owners to refocus their attention, explained Danielle. For this reason Elmtree Training & Education Centre thought to provide Beagles and their owners a safe place to not only let their Beagle off lead but also to socialise to their hearts content.

“People love being able to let their Beagles off lead and knowing they are safe and we love providing that for them. They also love coming to meet other Beagle owners as well as the fact the event always gives money to charity” added Danielle.

Save the date

If you missed the Beagle Bonanza this month or you enjoyed it and you are looking forward to the next one, save the date! The next Beagle Bonanza will be hold on Saturday 1st April, so note it down on your calendar.

If Beagle is not your breed, you still have a chance… Indeed, during the past year, Elmtree Canine Country Club also hosted other breed-specific events, namely the Pug Party and the Springer Spectacular.

The Pug Party is coming back on 23th April. A great occasion to celebrate with your pug.

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  1. Please make beagle bonanza monthly!!!! We missed out on both and I can’t see another one scheduled for the future 🙁 if you could let me know a planned date I would be so grateful!!!

    1. No worries, Rebecca! The Beagle Bonanza is coming back in May! I will update the Dogs Event Calendar as soon as the date is confirmed!

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