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get in touch

Hello! Thank you for your interest in getting in touch. I receive a high volume of emails daily and am unable to reply to everyone, apologies for this!

I will get back to you in case your email is something that is a perfect fit (if you are a reader with an enquiry or who needs help, though, I aim at getting back within a week).

Before emailing, please read the FAQs below:

  • Guest blogs/photography: Unfortunately The Londog doesn’t have any open job opportunities for content creators and doesn’t accept guest blogs/photography at this stage.
  • Events: You can have your event promoted for free by submitting it through the Event Sumbission Form at this link.
  • For event invitations Please get in touch through the contact form below/on the side or via Instagram private message.
  • Services/experiences/adventures: The Londog has a big focus on dog adventures and I am always very keen to hear about services, experiences or adventures that may be of interest for our readership. Please get in touch via the contact form.
  • Press Samples: Due to the time it takes to produce photography and copy, I rarely accept (read 99.99% of the time refuse) free sample products in exchange for publicity. However, if the product is something I genuinely like and use in our daily life I am open to discussing partnership opportunities.
  • Sponsorship opportunities: Please get in touch via the contact form providing a description of the project/opportunity. Unfortunately I am unable to reply to generic enquiries.
  • Backlinks: I don’t add ‘follow’ backlinks to existing blog posts in exchange for anything including money (btw this is against ASA’s rules) or link to irrelevant articles. In general, the fact that you may ask us to break the law is a reason we can’t work together.
  • Stories: I receive a high volume of stories pitches. I am always enthusiastic to read them, and grateful you wish to share them, however in terms of features I can only consider those which fit with the blog style and focus (for instance office dog stories, travel stories, etc). Please don’t attach images to your email, as the spam filter makes an overly good job at keeping the inbox clean.

Many thanks.

Cristina & Argo