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Welcome to The Londog, the dog blog about all things dog in London.

My furry one Argo and I moved to London from overseas a few years ago. From one of those heavens where dogs are allowed literally anywhere. With a legal background, new projects for the future, some luggage and my partner.

Having noticed how different life is in London with a dog compared to our hometown and having faced a few challenges – ranging from finding a dog-friendly accomodation and dog-friendly places, to travelling overseas with a pet, etc. – I was convinced to start The Londog to share the product of researches and takeaways, with the hope to help other dog owners and make their lives easier.

To celebrate the special bond between humans and dogs, on the blog you will also find stories from this fascinating world.

All the best. Woofs.

– Cristina –

P.S. I am not an English-native speaker, so please bear with me if you spot any weird sentences and feel free to drop me a line to suggest any improvement!

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