3 Christmas present ideas that give back


Christmas time has finally come. Regent’s street lights are on, Harrod’s and Selfridges’s windows are decorated, shops have all christmassy bric-a-brac that you can possibly imagine. This also means that it is time to start looking for presents. And what best way to do it than finding some awesome products which also give back? Being passionate about dogs, of course you can go for the ones supporting a dog charity.

Three brands which give part of their profits from certain collections to dog charities caught my attention. I am sure that you will gain some good ideas for your Christmas shopping from this post, just as I did!

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Discovering London Dog Exercise Areas


When I first moved to London from the continent, I was very impressed by the fact that, in most parks, dogs could run off-leash. That is great if you have a very-well-trained and obedient dog. But what if your dog is not yet there (because maybe has a high drive, a bad recall, does not get along well with other dogs), or simply the park overlooks busy roads and you don’t want to take any risks?

Having a dog with a high drive myself (despite our continuous training), I could not trust Argo off-leash in open parks. So I began looking for enclosed dog exercise areas and mapping them out. I will tell you more about it in this blog post!

This post will be updated adding each new dog area review I publish on the blog. To keep up to date I also advise you to follow The Londog on Facebook, to be alerted when a new review is live.

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Stories: About a shepherd & his sheep dogs


The Londog’s November “Story” is dedicated to Tobin Bird, the shepherd, and his sheep dogs. Tobin is based in Woodside farm, in Kent, where he takes care of over 300 sheep, a number which can grow to up to 700 heads during the summer. Ben, Tess and Tig, his three border collies, assist him in his job.

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A Spooktacular Dog Halloween Twothousandsixteen


Who said Halloween is for children had no idea of what it can turn out with a pack of dogs. Last weekend we headed to two Halloween dog events: the Barge House’s Howl-o-ween and The Halloween Walk and Show at the Spaniards Inn in Hampstead. Both in aid of All Dogs Matter, both with dogs (and some humans of theirs) dressed up in glorious outfits!

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