Stories: Sashi & Lily the Newfie


Tons of energy, giant size, very affectionate, a bit drooling. Guess who is it? The Newfoundland dog! Not many people know that Nana – Wendy, John and Michael’s dog – in Peter Pan was a Newfie. And that it was also a Newfie, according to some legend, that helped rescuing people from the Titanic’s sinking. But how does it look like living with a good-hearted giant like a Newfoundland dog?

This is the story of Sashi the data scientist and Lily the Newfie. You will discover a bit about the breed and fall in love with their fairy tale.

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Dog travelling in the time of Brexit: have your say!


Have you ever travelled with your dog from the UK to mainland Europe and back? If so, you will be aware of the set of rules on vaccinations, tapeworm treatment and approved routes which in some respect a bit complicate the life of pet owners.

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Dog fouling between dog access restrictions and London boroughs’ initiatives


There are many obvious reasons for cleaning after your dog, but there is one which should compel also the laziest among dog owners. In this blog post you will find some considerations about the relationship between dog fouling and dog access restrictions in parks, and discover how you can benefit from 5 interesting initiatives London Councils have developed to encourage virtuous behaviours.

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Things to do: Sheep Proof Your Dog


Have you ever let your dog off leash only to see it run after  a squirrel, cat, or sheep? There is a popular video from 2011, depicting Fenton the black labrador chasing a herd of deers in Richmond Park, while his owner – helplessly and desperately – tries to get hold of him.

Certainly no dog owner can possibly wish to find himself/herself in Fenton’s handler’s shoes.

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