Cooling off with your dog at Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Frida the Grenchie dog Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Also this weekend the thermometer is set to record high peaks. Unless you are up for a trip to a dog pond or doggie beach in London, or you want to try the Dog Swimming Gala, here is an idea for keeping cool: taking your dog for a walk underwater in the Greenwich Foot Tunnel!

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Friday Office Dog | MishMish from Funzing UK

Mishmish office dog shar pei

Boasting more wrinkles than Michelin Tyre Man and the softness of a marshmallow… her name is Mishmish and she is the newest addition of Funzing UK’s team. She acts as office dog in a young online community events sharing business and her story wraps up the 10th edition of the Office Dog Series.

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Wednesday Office Dog | Rabobi of Koffeecup

Office dog Koffeecup Rabobi in London

The role model office dog is the one who does not need a leash to be walked, does not bark, keeps everyone in line at the office, while enhancing de-stress and caring for the well-being of each co-worker. Rabobi, the office dog at Koffeecup, a digital production agency specialised in virtual and augmented reality application, based in London, seems to fit the role.

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Tuesday Office Dog | Dave of Hi-ReS! London

Dave the office dog of Hi-Res! London

The first time I met Dave, a few months back, I was at a café, having a hot chocolate in front of the screen, on one of those days when life gets in the way and you find yourself working almost forgetting to breathe. While owner was grabbing a coffee, Dave headed over to my chair, to lean over my leg and invite me for a cuddle. Soon after, I discovered that he was the office dog of Hi-ReS! London, part of SYZYGY Group, a digital advertising & marketing group. This is his story, featuring as Tuesday office dog in the Office Dog Series.

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